The Queen’s Speech And Some Quick Thoughts About Sport

by Ray_North on May 27, 2015

Unknown-1Today’s Queen’s Speech will pave the way for a free vote on Government time to repeal the ban on fox hunting.

Why? Because, say the Tories it is right that people are allowed to play whatever sport they wish and for the traditions of the country are preserved.

There are a few problems with that proposition – the first is the suggestion that the hunting of foxes with dogs and horses is a sport. It isn’t. Not any more. Not in a civilised society.

I’ll tell you what is sport – my under 10’s rugby team recently played in the semi-final of the North Wales tournament – it’s a big thing up my way.

They played their hearts out, but they lost to a better team. At the final whistle, as it dawned on them that they had come so close, but would miss out on the final, their little heads went down, there were some tears, one or two recriminations. Then after a few minutes, they picked themselves up and spontaneously decided to go over to the victorious team and wish them well for the final. One by one they trotted over to the celebrating and triumphant winners, shook hands and made friends.

That is sport.

Putting on a red coat, sitting on your horse, arming yourself with a pack of trained snarling dogs and chasing a fox until it is dead – is not sport.

We should be ashamed that this is even being contemplated.

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Eddie Kaye May 27, 2015 at 11:06 am

Icing on the cake Ray – I bet next year the Queen’s Speech includes a promise of a massive grant so that British Fox Hunters can compete worldwide after years in the wilderness.

Unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible indeed.


Fionauk512 May 27, 2015 at 11:46 am

Also a colossal waste of parliamentary time when you consider the many other pressing matters affecting the nation. Says a lot about priorities.


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