The Most Tedious Election Campaign of All Time

by Charlie_East_West on May 5, 2015


2 days to go. Thank god. It is almost over.

Despite the uncertainty over the outcome of the 2015 General Election, this campaign will go down in history as possibly the most tedious election campaign of all time. Long gone are the days where politicians chewed the fat over political ideologies, whether Keynes was right or whether Friedman was right. Instead, we have over-protected and over-sanitised politicians cocooned from the public, surrounded by their flunkies, spin doctors and campaign activists in stage-managed surroundings.

We have a bunch of politicians and media who appear to be more concerned about what is going to happen on May 8th, and the expected horsetrading for power at Westminster than any debate over real policy. Meanwhile, the average voter has been completely marginalised.

Britain has been bombarded with politicians stroking hedgehogs, pledge tombstones, hand painting with small children, Spin Rooms, soundbites and memes. Every single statement, utterance, glance, trip or hand gesture is over analysed and yet, the heart of the matter over policy and vision has largely been ignored. We are left with deeply superficial, vacuous political debate, where everything is spoken and yet nothing of substance is really mentioned.

Our media are hardly blameless in all of this tedium. We now have an over saturised 24/7 broadcast, print and online media combined with the world’s biggest pub argument over on social media. Meaty, ideologically sound arguments are now reduced to 140 characters on Twitter.

We the voter, are also hardly blameless. Millions of us read the wrong information and the wrong newspapers. Politicians and media have cottoned onto this and manipulated the old adage of keep on repeating the lie, and eventually people will believe it.

So, with 2 days to go, what are we left with?

We are left with a bunch of knackered political husks wandering around the country offering nothing more than the same soundbites, leaflets and messages. Our political machines are now so shit-scared of the intrusive ways of our modern media. All that is left is to say nothing of note and avoid a major gaff. This is seen as a grubby little victory of sorts.

We are left with the fag end of a brutal six week campaign where the polls have barely shifted. £millions have been spent on basically achieving bugger all traction with the electorate, who are now jaded, suspicious and pleading for this bloody election thing to just go away.

We are left with nothing more than a political game of thrones – where the Westminster political and media bubble are more enthused by post election kingmaking rather than political ideology and discourse.

But, despite all the tedium, we all have to do our duty on Thursday. Never mind the bollocks – voting still matters.

*Tomorrow, to celebrate All That’s Left doing what it says on the tin – “surviving the coalition”, we will individually announce who we are voting for on May 7th. Our end product of five very long years.

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George_East May 5, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Hopefully not the ‘end’ but rather the ‘end’ of phase 1 of ATL though.


Eddie Kaye May 5, 2015 at 8:12 pm

Amen to that George. I fear what comes next may require even more fortitude than this lot. Looking forward to ATL the next five years.


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