#1024: 1994, Joni Mitchell, Yvette in English

by Charlie_East_West on May 25, 2015

Welcome to the next in our series of political party leadership songs.

Tonight’s song of choice is Yvette (Cooper) in English by Joni Mitchell.

At some point in our lives, most of us probably had a Joni Mitchell phase.

My Joni Mitchell phase occurred in 1994. Back in 1994, I was a callow youth studying politics at university. I was trying to impress a particular girl, who was really into Joni Mitchell. Her album Turbulent Indigo had just been released and because the girl in question had loved the album, I proceeded to go out and spend part of my student loan on the album. Anything to impress…

The whole enterprise was futile. My romantic endeavours pimped up by Joni Mitchell ended in inglorious defeat. I didn’t get beyond a peck on the cheek. The whole thing was doomed to failure…a bit like the likely scenario of Yvette Cooper’s leadership bid.

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