#1022: 1980, The Undertones, There Goes Norman

by Ray_North on May 18, 2015

Say one thing about the Lib-Dems and their predecessor Liberal Party, they’ve had some spanking leaders – from Gladstone and Lloyd-George, through to Joe Grimmond marching to the sound of gunfire and David Steel, preparing for Government, even mad Captain Ashdown was a towering figure – ok, Nick Clegg has been a bit of a let-down, but you can’t say he’s been insignificant.

Now, it’s a choice between Tim and, er, Norman.

The poor bastards. Haven’t the Lib-Dems suffered enough without having to endure the indignity of being led by Tim or Norman.

As it happens I know them both a bit (not well, they didn’t make my tea) and I can definitely say that they are both thoroughly decent blokes – nice bloke Tim and nice bloke Norman. Tim is very, very enthusiastic and admirably (I’m struggling here), well, decent and nice. Norman, is also enthusiastic, though quietly so, and admirably worthy – he is also, sigh, pretty dull.

Which is something you definitely can’t say about the greatest band that ever came out of Derry City – I love this song, and I thank Norman Lamb for giving me an excuse to pick it as my STLAS.
He’s out tonight (there goes Norman)
He’ll poke out your eyes (there goes Norman)

Not, of course, Norman Lamb, because he’s too nice.
I dedicate it to him.

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George_East May 19, 2015 at 8:05 am

The big question now is can Jackie come up with a ‘Tim’ song.


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