Why Sheffield Hallam is the most important constituency at the General Election

by Charlie_East_West on April 28, 2015


It could all come down to Sheffield Hallam.

Sheffield Hallam is Nick Clegg’s constituency. Recent polling from Lord Ashcroft indicates that Nick Clegg is marginally behind Labour, although my erstwhile colleague, Jackie South previously indicated that Nick Clegg may well hold onto his seat.

But, the reason Sheffield Hallam is so important is because of the bigger picture surrounding Nick Clegg’s political survival. This seat could decide the next coalition government.

Nick Clegg recently appeared to rule out a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition in a hung parliament as he dismissed any deal that relied on “life support” from the SNP. Clegg also stated that any coalition with the party that finished second in the election would lack legitimacy with voters, who would question the government’s “birthright”. Nick Clegg has effectively sided with the Tories. In effect, he has stated that a vote for him or the Lib Dems is a vote for the Tories.

His statement of intent is typical santimonious bullshit from our least favourite Yellow Tory. He is the leader of a political party that is hovering under 10% in the polls, and yet he thinks the Lib Dems can dictate what the next government is.

Now he has appeared to nail his yellow colours to the Tory mast (and obsequiously supported by his fellow Lib Dem hierarchy), Sheffield Hallam becomes a seat of huge significance.

– If Clegg wins, we are likely to endure a sequel of a ConDem Coalition featuring a nasty restriction on human rights, and in/out EU referendum, the further dismantling of public services and the welfare state and the worst elements of austerity.
– If Clegg loses, then there is a chance that the Lib Dems are led by Tim Farron and the party decides that enough is enough, and the Lib Dems finally move from being Neoliberals to being Social Liberals. This means a potential coalition with Labour.

I am deeply suspicious about the Lib Dems, and their slavish pursuit of ministerial cars, dispatch boxes, and all the other trappings of power. They propped up the Tories for five long years in one of the worst ever displays of democratic and ideological kleptomania. The Lib Dems have got a five year whiff of power, and they will not leave their seats around the cabinet table without a fight. They will not go quietly into the opposition back benches. If the likes of Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander lose their seats, I wouldn’t put it past the Lib Dems to elect a new leader, put Clegg and Alexander in the House of Lords and they remain in cabinet positions.

The Tories need Clegg to win Sheffield Hallam. It is unlikely that the Tories will have the numbers to form a government without Lib Dem support. Labour meanwhile, desparately need Clegg to lose Hallam. If I was a Labour strategist, I would be bombing Sheffield Hallam with time, money and feet on the ground.

Our message to the people of Sheffield Hallam is pretty simple. Nick Clegg thinks he will decide whether we have a Tory or Labour government. Please make sure that this doesn’t happen. Vote him out on May 7th.

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John Stone April 28, 2015 at 8:41 pm

I’m sorry but every constituency where a Labour candidate has a realistic chance of ejecting a Tory incumbent is more important than Sheffield Hallam.


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