Week 17: Villain – Nick Clegg

by Charlie_East_West on April 26, 2015


This week’s villain of the week is Nick Clegg for appearing to rule out a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition in a hung parliament as he dismissed any deal that relied on “life support” from the SNP. Clegg also stated that any coalition with the party that finished second in the election would lack legitimacy with voters, who would question the government’s “birthright”.

What is it with this man? What bloody right does he have to sanctimoniously preach that he sets the rules of coalition and no one else?

Nick Clegg is a twit. He led the Lib Dems into a coalition with the Tories between 2010-2015, therefore propping the worst elements of austerity, including some of the most savage cuts ever witnessed in British society. He claimed he was doing this in the “national interest”. How the hell has it been in the national interest to witness 1 million visitors to foodbanks and ruthless dismantling of public services to the highest private bidder.

Nick Clegg is a Tory. That’s right. He is not a liberal. He is a Tory. His statement this week provides yet more compelling evidence that Nick Clegg wants to do another deal with the Tories. He claims that a second party, or indeed, the SNP, do not have the legitimacy of forming coalitions or confidence and supply arrangements. The only thing illegitimate is Nick Clegg turning himself into the self proclaimed poet laureate of the constitutional rule book.

If Nick Clegg forms Coalition II with the Tories, he will be culpable by association with the further dismantling of the welfare state, and also giving licence for the Tories to have an in/out referendum on the European Union. In effect, Clegg appears to be willing to open the door for Britain to walk out of the EU – the very institution that supposedly defines his own political beliefs.

With a bit of luck, Nick Clegg might not be an MP (or Lib Dem leader) after May 7th. Sheffield Hallam is on a knife edge. If Labour have any sense they will be bombarding this constituency with time, money and a strong campaign message. The message is now pretty simple. A vote for Clegg (and the Lib Dems) is a vote for the Tories.

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