Week 17: Prat – Grant Shapps

by Ray_North on April 27, 2015

prat_iconThis week’s Prat is the Tory candidate for Welwyn Hatfield and Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps

Yes, old Granty has done it again – unanimously won the title of Prat of the Week. The man is to being a prat what Jose Mourinho is to being a parking busses, what Danny Alexander is to making tea, to what George Osborne is to being a total……

You get the picture – Shapps is a prat genius.

And what has he done this week?

Well, it appears that Granty Boy has gone on to Wikipedia and edited his own page and the pages dedicated to his rivals; indeed so prolific has he been and so unfair and misleading have been his changes that Wikipedia have banned him and closed down his account.

Incredible. Editing Wikipedia is something that I always thought was something that was only done by geeky, spoony people (I’ve always imagined ponytails and an interest in Pink Floyd) who know the entire cast, including extras, of every Bruce Lee film or can tell you how many runs were scored by every cricketer for Durham in the 1998/99 season; perhaps Shapps fits this bill, or perhaps he is just a total knobhead who will use every unsubtle trick in the book to gain any advantage he can.

Using an account called Contribsx, he changed the entries about Justine Greening, Damien Grieve, Philip Hammond and even George Osborne, suggesting that they had voted in particular ways, and criticising certain aspects of their performance in office. When the Guardian newspaper challenged him about Contribsx, he did what he usually does and issued a firm denial (see previous stories about Shapps still operating as Michael Green), and then when presented with the evidence, the firm denial became a rather limp waisted, ‘it might have been someone close to me.’

Once again Shapps has demonstrated his world class ability to be a complete prat – do the people of Welwyn Hatfield want a serial prat as their Member of Parliament? Sadly, I reckon our award is not the only thing he’s going to win in the next week or so.

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Fionauk512 April 28, 2015 at 10:43 pm

Shapps, known as Wiki Fiddler in our house, proves himself to be more than a prat. He demonstrates a complete lack of integrity and appears to sidestep any sense of shame when confronted by the truth. In short, he lies like a flat fish.


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