Week 17: Hero – #milifandom

by Jackie_South on April 26, 2015

Hero-Labour1The latest Twitter craze wins our Hero of the Week award

For a general election where so much is at stake, the campaigns of the three (currently) largest Westminster parties all seem flat and underwhelming.

You might be forgiven for forgetting that a Tory-Lib Dem Coalition version 2 will almost certainly spell the end of the welfare state for the able-bodied of working age, that we have seen the levels of destitution increase to a a level where hundreds of thousands use foodbanks and where we now have record levels of homelessness.

Much of the media seems obsessed by what deal Labour might have to do with the SNP whilst they carefully ignore the starving and the soon to be starving. The Mail and The Sun are far worse: they are actively trying to distract our attention by endless bile pouring out about Ed Miliband.

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That is precisely what 17 year-old Abby (surname unknown) from St Helens has done by starting the latest twitter craze of #milifandom: photoshopping the Labour leader’s face onto the torsos of various hunks: Beckham, Daniel Craig, Hulk Hogan, Rambo, Russell Brand, David Bowie and Marlon Brando, to name just seven.

OK. It’s trivial, but it’s the most fun the election has had to offer so far. And admit it, you might be (even?) more willing to vote Labour if you thought this is the Ed who would be walking into Downing Street…

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