Week 15: Hero – Ed Miliband

by George_East on April 12, 2015

Hero-Labour1This Week’s Hero of the Week Award goes to Ed Miliband for taking the fight to the Tories and winning (the week at least)

Many of us, including me, had assumed that Labour’s last vestiges of hope of removing this hideous government had disappeared. With the chances of a majority long gone as a result of the fall out from the independence referendum in Scotland, it seemed only a matter of time before the combination of a well-oiled and resourced Tory machine and a ruthless and shameless Tory press would at least ensure that the Tories were comfortably the biggest party. My instinct is that this will still turn out to be the case, but this last week has shown both in substance and tactics that there is life in the People’s Party yet.

The announcement on Tuesday that Labour intends to abolish non-dom tax status – that anachronistic hangover from the Napoleonic wars, which enables those born and bred here to be non-resident for tax purposes (sometimes for little better reason than their father was), was not only right in principle, but resulted in utter panic in Tory circles. In the space of a single morning they denounced it as likely to cost the revenue billions, said that it was tokenistic and of no significance and claimed that Labour were not going far enough with their proposals.

In the end the Tories (being the party of David Cameron and George Osborne, funded by hedge fund operators and Russian gazillionaires) did what came instinctively to them, and came down on the side of the wealthy tax dodgers.   In doing so they put themselves on the wrong side of the vast majority of the public (one poll showed that 77% of the electorate supported the policy) and underlined one of their most damages traits: being seen to be the party of the very rich.

The following days saw the Tories go into complete meltdown (about which elsewhere) with Ed Miliband disgracefully being called a dangerous traitor in one breath and hilariously a caddish ladies man in another, but Ed Miliband and Labour holding their nerve.   The notion assumed by the Tories that Ed Miliband would melt under the spotlight of an election campaign has been shown to be false and it is Labour that has ended the second full week of the campaign setting the agenda and with its confidence riding high.

There is, of course, a long way to go yet, but Labour are still very much in the game.   And for that Ed Miliband deserves our Hero of the Week Award.

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