#1014: 2015, Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora, Doing It

by Jackie_South on April 26, 2015

With the election spitting out so many villains, it feels like we’ve been giving Nigel Farage an easy ride of late: any other time his comments about turning back the boats carrying refugees fleeing civil war in Africa would have made him a shoe-in.

So, I’m posting this song to spur him and the other UKIP-pers into a seizure-inducing rage. Why? Well, Charli XCX and Rita Ora sum up all those frothy-mouthed little Englanders’ nightmares about what this country has become: Charli XCX is the daughter of a Ugandan Indian refugee and Rita Ora is of course the nation’s favourite Kosovan immigrant.

There is of course a risk that this piece of Madonna-influenced pop might also upset our own George East too, but that seems a small price to pay.

Me? I think it is a great piece of girl pop, and I like the Thelma-and-Louise, David LaChapelle influenced video set in the Californian desert (a bit like where my cousin lives out there, in fact).

Nigel, this one’s for you…

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