#1011: 2015, Belle and Sebastian, Perfect Couples

by Charlie_East_West on April 13, 2015

Perfect couples…don’t you just hate them? I hate their smugness. I hate their public displays of affection. I hate the fact they probably shop at Waitrose. But most of all, I hate the dinner party, chi-chi home interiors, fee paying school, status anxiety coupledom masquerading as middle class perfection.

Perfect couples are to be seen having dinner for two in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Perfect couples live in a vortex of postcode snobbery. Perfect couples boast how they “never argue”. The whole charade is completely fake and full of superficial bollocks – because everyone knows that no couple is perfect. It is the open imperfections of relationships that are more realistic, honest and normal.

Anyway, before this turns into a massive rant, I had better get back to the enjoyable business of posting some decent music. The chosen track is Belle and Sebastian’s Perfect Couples, taken from their new album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance.

Belle and Sebastian produce great grown up pop music. Diverse, wry and willing to take a risk, they have consistently produced top notch music with wonderfully perceptive lyrics. Their take on the sheer smug awfulness of perfect couples sums up the target of their cynicism and their lyrical crafting perfectly:-

I know some friends of mine
Think about them all the time
Why can’t my life be like that?

I’ve seen them in the park
Restauranting after dark
Working out on their yoga mats
Stars of the dancehall crowd
Married young, took their vows
t in their boldness and their flair

Dab hands for all to see
Stroke of brush and poetry
His cut of cloth, the contours of her hair

Thank you for the invite tonight
Perfect snacklets, perfect drinks
I’m getting ideas from your interiors
Perfect apartments, perfect kids

Perfect couples are breaking up
What have they done?
Those perfect couples are breaking up
What have they done?
Don’t make me feel so good
Expect that
stuff in Hollywood
Not in my current milieu

Sexual tension at the fridge
He makes for the organic figs
Belmondo lips, dangling a cig

And she, just back from her hike
And to the gallery she
Glide by with a basket on her bike

They’ve got issues too
But what can you do?
Bad times
They’ll always see them through

There. Perfect couples debunked. Have a fucking row and be normal.

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