Why The Establishment Hate The SNP

by Charlie_East_West on March 26, 2015


As Gandhi once famously said: “First they ignore you…then they laugh at you…then they fight you…then you win.” – This is a perfect summary of the establishment behaviour towards the SNP at present.

One of the key themes emerging in this already weird election campaign is the vitriol being spewed out by the Tory media against the SNP. While it is now evidently clear that the SNP are surging towards a possible landslide in Scotland, this has created London media editorials that howl at the moon at the possibility of Salmond & Co playing the pipers tune in any post election Westminster pact.

A lot of what has been written is narrow, insular, jingoistic and aimed firmly at striking fear and loathing in England at the possibly of Labour forming a Government with the supply of those pesky SNP MPs.

This propaganda was ratcheted up even further when Alex Salmond recently stated that he, along with his SNP colleagues at Westminster would vote down any minority Tory Government. Which he is more than entitled to do. Our constitutional settlement states as much.

Tories have gone completely apeshit over this. Grant Shapps, the Conservative party chairman, and internet huckster, even made a daft claim that “Alex Salmond is threatening to undermine a government chosen by the British people”. As Spectator columnist Alex Massie (a notable Unionist) pointed out: “Note the Scottish people are British too. We had, as you may recall, a vote on this. Quite recently.”

All of this smacks of complete hypocrisy. If the SNP and Labour cobble together a deal to keep the Tories out, then so be it. But, the right wing establishment hate this.

Many within the stubborn tribal establishment of the Labour Party also hate this. Jim Murphy has stupidly stated that he cannot see Labour trying to form a pact based Government if the Tories have the largest number of MPs. Labour need to think very carefully about this. If they are seen to be snubbing a deal with the SNP and therefore letting the Tories rule for another five years, they will pay a hefty price in Scotland, Wales and Northern England.

But what really pisses off and scares the establishment about Alex Salmond and the SNP is their ability to crawl right under the skin of the Born to Rulers. They are like a scar that time won’t heal. After the Yes campaign was defeated in the Independence Referendum, it was expected that the SNP (and indeed Scotland) would skulk off back into the shadows of British politics and learn to shut up, sit up straight and eat their cereal. Instead, the people of Scotland have become politically galvanised and the SNP has reaped the benefits of a huge surge in support. The problem for the establishment is that the Scottish problem is not going to go away. The McGenie is out of the bottle.

Our gilded elite like to rule by a natural order of things. They like complete control. No feathers should be ruffled. Doff your cap old boy, we know what’s best for you. Alex Salmond et al do not play by those set of rigid set of rules and all credit to them for scaring the living daylights of the establishment.

The SNP cannot be controlled by the establishment. That is what a control freak hates and fears the most, and that is why the establishment – through its networked cabal of politicians, media and business alike hate the SNP. Control is everything to these people and the SNP present a real threat to their control.

The establishment are openly fighting the SNP. But, at the moment, the SNP are winning. Just like Ghandi stated.

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Jackie_South March 29, 2015 at 3:55 pm

Charlie – where I would disagree with you is your definition of ‘establishment’ as the motivations within what you are lumping together differ significantly.

Whilst both Conservatives and Labour are unionist parties, and therefore see the SNP as a threat, their views on the SNP’s other political views differ significantly.

The Tories hate the SNP because they are putting forward an agenda to the left of Labour. The traditional establishment hates them for the same reason, and the risk that if they do a post-election deal with Labour it will drag the latter to the left.

Labour on the other hand don’t have as much of a problem with the SNP’s political stances. What they do worry about though is the existential threat the party offers them north of the border in what they have long regarded as their safest seats.


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