Week 13: Prat – The Liberal Democrats

by Ray_North on March 29, 2015

prat_iconThis week’s Prats of the Week, are the Liberal Democrats.

Last week’s winner of the Prat award was Lib-Dem MP Danny Alexander – something which has provoked a fairly lengthy discourse between myself and a reader in which he accused me of various crimes ranging from elitism and jealousy to plain not being very funny. I shall leave others to judge the voracity of his accusations – but, in the meantime, this week’s winners are the Lib-Dems.

Now, the Lib-Dems are struggling – I don’t think I can be criticised for pointing that out. Their polling tells them that they are not very popular, and, in particular they are not very popular with young voters.

Now, from memory and experience – this will have prompted a meeting or two amongst the strategists and policy wonks – they will have sweated over the need to improve their ratings amongst the kids. And, they think they cracked it when one of their member (someone who probably never made me a cup of tea – private joke between myself and One Sam F), came up with a cracking idea – ‘I know, remember how that person did a pastiche of Nick’s apology and it went viral on YouTube and all the kids loved it – let’s do our own video, of Nick, but this time in a really crazy and cool way, to the tune of a popular song.’
‘What a great idea,’ the group will have replied, ‘the kids will love it – but what song?’

A little while later and Lib-Dem Up Town Funk was born.

But there’s one problem – it isn’t a cracking idea, and the kids won’t love it, because it is totally contrived and as cool as a middle-aged Dad trying to rap.

It is another example of how out of touch and desperate the Lib-Dems are. You see, if the Lib-Dems really wanted to appeal to the kids, then they shouldn’t have broken their promise on tuition fees; and before anyone starts to tell me how the students don’t have to pay up front – I know that, but it doesn’t matter, first, the promise was broken in a massively symbolic way, and second, the huge cost of going to University will put off many would-be students further along the line regardless of when they have to pay it back – it is all part of the growing feeling of those who can and those who are left behind that is increasingly permeating our society. And it’s not just tuition fees – the Lib-Dems should have avoided Up Town Funk and spent more time considering housing for young people, meaningful apprenticeships for young people, youth unemployment and low wages – the things that young people are truly interested in, rather than coming up with another prattish stunt. Actually, the Lib-Dems have some really good policies for young people (or at least they used to), which makes this video even more cringeworthy.

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Chris March 31, 2015 at 6:30 pm

I agree with everything you have said Ray,which is worrying,seeing we are at different ends of the political spectrum.
The video is cringeworthy,nearly on a par with Tony Blair trying to head a football some years back,but not quite.


Ray_North March 31, 2015 at 6:33 pm

Don’t be worried Chris! Actually I’m not sure where I am on ‘the spectrum!’


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