Week 11: Villain – David Duckenfield

by Ray_North on March 15, 2015

villain_icon_v2This week’s villain is the former Chief Superintendent of South Yorkshire Police, David Duckenfield.

I really hate this man. In my view he is a total bastard, a coward. I feel and understand every ounce of the venom that is being felt towards him by the families of those who were killed at Hillsborough in 1989 and the people of Liverpool who were vilified in part as a result of this man’s lies.

Duckenfield was the match commander on that fateful day in April 1989, which means that he was responsible for the safety of all the fans, all of those who were attending a football stadium to watch a football match. Sadly, for those fans, Duckenfield’s attitude was not that these were paying spectators to be treated with curtesy and respect and utter professionalism, but to treat them as scum, as criminals, as drunk Scouse criminals, probably in a similar way that he and his ilk treated the striking miners five years earlier.

Duckenfield has admitted that he was under-prepared for the job and lacked the requisite skills and experience. If this was bad enough, what was absolutely alarming was just how incompetent this man was. At the inquest last week, he admitted that he was responsible for the grossly negligent decision to open the gates to the Lepping Lane End – a decision that turned out to be absolutely catastrophic for the 96 fans who subsequently died in there.

Just as bad, was his further admission that even as bodies were being pulled out of the terrace and on to the pitch he was still treating it as a incident of disorder rather than a massive medical emergency – and as such, he ordered police dogs to be brought to the scene not ambulances.

These massive errors, could perhaps be forgiven (though probably not by the families of the deceased), but what will never be forgiven, what is absolutely inexcusable, was the lie that Duckenfield perpetuated after the match when he told the Chief of the FA, Graham Kelly, that it was Liverpool fans who had forced the gate to the Leppings Lane open, not that he had made that order. This lie put in motion the inexcusable myth that it was the fault of drunker violent Liverpool fans who had caused the Hillsborough disaster not the incompetence of the Police, the FA, and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

A myth that has in some quarters prevailed for a quarter of a century – ‘drunken Liverpool fans caused Hillsborough,’ a myth that has caused so much hurt, so much pain and so much anger.

Duckenfield tried to tell the inquiry that he had suffered from PTSD and that he could not bring himself to face the truth about his lie – bollocks. I don’t believe that for one second, Duckenfield continued in his job after Hillsborough, he continued to take his salary, he continued to make massive decisions about policing in South Yorkshire, before he eventually retired on a very, very comfortable copper’s pension. And if it wasn’t for the dogged perseverance of the families of those who died, his lie would have continued to have currency, and the liar would never have been exposed.

When he tried to apologies to the families of the bereaved at the inquest this week, some of the families walked out in disgust – I don’t blame them for one second. David Duckenfield had twenty six years to apologise, he had twenty six years to admit his failures and his lies, and he failed to do so because he is a coward, a villain of the worst kind.

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Banditqueen March 20, 2015 at 4:55 am

I completely understand and agree. Duckenfield complained about having post traumatic stress disorder. He has no idea what he is talking about. The families, the survivors, the people who carried the bodies of their fellow fans on billboards to the pitch because he called for dogs not emergency service, these are the people who were traumatized, NOT THIS COWARD. He caused the deaths of 96 innocent people and then blamed them and their friends, family, for their own deaths. He is despicable. WHY HAS IT TAKEN 26 YEARS FOR THE COWARD TO ADMIT THE TRUTH? EVEN THEN IT WAS DRAGGED OUT OF HIM. I know commenting has been discouraged but when it comes to this scumbag holding back is not possible. I am thinking every day about the 96 and their loved ones. How much more of this hell can they face? Please may justice and truth be finally done and may Duckenfield and his fellow lying killers rot in gaol and burn in hell. PEACE TO THE 96 AND THEIR FAMILIES AND LOVED ONES. YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.


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