The Yellow Budget: The Lib Dems are Beyond Parody

by Charlie_East_West on March 19, 2015


Yesterday saw the 2015 Budget. This Budget was supported by the Lib Dems and their very own Chief Secretary to the Treasury – Danny Alexander. So much so, that Danny Alexander appeared on countless media outlets to support and defend the Budget and defend the economic policies of the Coalition Government over the past five years.

Today saw the “alternative” Budget. This Budget was instigated by the Lib Dems and delivered by their very own Chief Secretary to the Treasury – Danny Alexander. He stood outside the Treasury buildings holding a shiny yellow briefcase and mimicked his boss, George Osborne, by proudly holding the briefcase aloft – just like a pupil would do when showing proud parents their homework.

Danny Alexander then gave a speech in the House of Commons to announce his “yellow” Budget. But rather unfortunately for him, most of the MPs couldn’t be bothered to turn up to listen. His other boss, Nick Clegg even walked out before the end of Alexander’s speech.


Yes. This actually happened. Good grief, it is completely beyond parody. The Lib Dems and Danny Alexander have been colluding with the Tories for five long years on economic policy and indeed, yesterday’s budget, and yet they have the hypocritical gall to deliver their own budget speech in the House of Commons wasting valuable parliamentary time.

We pay our taxes and vote for this sort of shit not to happen. Do they think we are stupid? Unfortunately for the Lib Dems, the joke is on them.

Thick of It politics personified.

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