General Election: Let the Madness Begin

by Charlie_East_West on March 30, 2015


And so it begins…

Parliament has been dissolved and David Cameron has informed The Queen. The 2015 General Election has officially begin. Let the madness begin.

After five long years of quite possibly the worst Government in living memory, it is over. It is finally over. The coalition Government of 2010-2015 has come to an end.

Britain is in a considerably worse place in 2015 than in 2010. So please no one believe David Cameron’s boast that the Government has “turned the Country around” – apart from turning the country towards becoming a corporate amusement arcade that only a privileged few are allowed in and the public is excluded.

We have seen five years of brutal austerity, the disintegration of public services under the auspices of austerity but for the benefit of free marketisation. The NHS is in crisis. Employment structures have veered dangerously towards part time work and zero hours contracts. Around 1 million visits to foodbanks. Free schools. The Bedroom Tax. Fracking. A doubling of the national debt. The ever widening gap between the 1% super rich and the 99% of everyone else.

It is a Government that is ideologically bankrupt. A neoliberal ideology that is a dream ticket for narrative shaping by the Tories. They have peddled an endless myth that Labour spent all the money and have slashed welfare and public services budgets as a false justification for austerity, rather than targeting those who bloody well got us in this mess – namely, the financial exploitation of the banks.

We have seen the complete loss of integrity of the Lib Dems. They have repeatedly stuck like glue to the line that they have been propping up the Tories “in the national interest” to try to get the deficit down, but actually all that has been achieved by the Lib Dems is two things:- i) Allowing the Tories to run amok with some of the nastiest and divisive policies of all time ii) Ripping the ideological heart out of their own party to suffer a complete loss of voter trust for a generation.

We will now see 5 weeks of endless campaigning and a traditional and social media overload of spin, and not very much substance. This election will be played out on a 24/7 basis and it will descend into one huge pub argument via a small screen.

And that is just the start. It will probably get even more bizarre in first days after the election, where we are likely to see a level of power hungry horse-trading – the likes never seen before in this country.

Welcome to the start of the 2015 General Election campaign. Let the madness begin…

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