Election 2015 – The Opening Skirmishes

by Ray_North on March 31, 2015

imagesWell, we’ve been at it now for less than 24 hours and already many of us have lost the will to live – yep, the General Election Campaign for 2015 is underway, and already it’s clear what we are going to get for the next few weeks, and probably, in varying forms for the rest of our lives.

The Tories spent the first day establishing their beachhead – and it’s not subtle – they will spend the next six weeks trying every way they can to scare the electorate half-stupid in their attempt to get elected.

Just look at yesterday – first, David Cameron, insisting one imagines, took the previously traditional, but now utterly pointless short journey to Buck House to tell the Queen that Parliament was being dissolved; he might as well have gone there to tell her that it was no longer Sunday. Why did Cameron do this? Does he think that the Queen in her dotage needed him to tell her that Parliament had abided by the Fixed Term Parliaments Act and dissolved itself, or was it that Cameron wants to appear as Prime Ministerial as he can to remind the people that he is in charge, the incumbent, the person they can trust – yes, of course it’s the latter, and, to be fair most other politicians would have done the same.

Then, though, we had his party political broadcast on the steps of Number 10 – again, this wasn’t to tell the world something they previously didn’t know, that is that parliament was being dissolved and an election would be called, but to tell the world something he desperately wants them to believe, namely that he is doing a superb job and that Ed Miliband is too weird to be entrusted with the wonderful economic recovery he has managed to engineer.

And, that, in a nutshell is the Tories campaign – ‘I’m in charge, it’s all brilliant, but there’s more to be done, Ed Miliband is too weird, just look at him…..’

They’ve even added a little fib during the opening skirmishes about Labour costing us all £3000 more in tax if they get elected just in case you hadn’t quite got the message, a claim which they later had to admit was actually a guess rather than a figure based upon detailed analysis and research.

Yep, it’s a subtle as porn, but without any of the benefits.

Labour started their campaign at a business meeting in the City – their message, ‘we’re serious, we’re sophisticated, you can trust us, look we’re talking to business people in the City of London and they like us, so you can trust us on the economy as well.’

Christ. All they needed was a soundtrack by Blur and Oasis and you could have been back to 1997, it was sooooo New Labour. But, just as Cameron wants to appear Prime Ministerial, so Ed Miliband wants to appear, well, Prime Ministerial. Not weird. And you can understand that as well.

But, where does it leave us?

Do I believe that David Cameron is anything less than an expensively educated fob with a massive opinion of himself and tendency to get really angry if anyone has the temerity to disagree with him? No. Do I believe that Labour have really and truly grasped the issues that are important to me and that Ed Miliband has the personality and ability to lead us to a better place? Nope.

We’ve got six weeks of this dear reader, and already, sorry, I’m uninspired, and I didn’t even have time to mention Nick Clegg and the blessed Hedgehog Sanctuary.

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