David Cameron Issues the Longest Resignation in Political History

by Charlie_East_West on March 24, 2015


Picture the scene. Two Etonian old boys chewing the fat (or rather the sun blushed tomatoes, artisan bread and quails eggs) in a chic country abode in the Cotswolds. Both men are quite relaxed in each other’s Born to Rule company. Perhaps a little too relaxed.

Like a scene from something out of a Richard Curtis movie vision of quaint upper class England, a couple of toffs then start having a natter about work. In this case it was our Prime Minister (at home in the Cotswolds) disclosing to BBC Political Correspondent, James Landale, that he could not see himself running for a third term as Prime Minister. He even used a bizarre Shredded Wheat analogy: “No third term. They are like Shredded Wheat. Two is good but three’s too many.” – Greedy man. One Shredded Wheat is more than enough.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this a tad presumptuous of Mr Cameron? He has still to obtain a second term. It is also a tad silly of David Cameron to let slip about his thoughts on his Prime Ministerial survival timetable. It weakens his hand. By disclosing that he will not run for a third term, he now faces a possible five years of lame duck incumbency in Number 10. Already the betting is now open about his potential successor and he may well face increasingly amounts of pressure from the far right of the Tory Party to step down before the end of the next parliamentary term (presuming he wins another term in May).

He will also face a huge challenge of the European Referendum in 2017 (again, if he wins in May). Many Tories may see the EU Referendum as the final and natural conclusion to Cameron’s period in office. It will prove almost impossible for Cameron to see out the entire parliamentary term between 2015-2020, as the Toris will want to see his successor in place prior to the 2020 election.

I have no idea why David Cameron announced his own departure timetable yesterday. Perhaps it was just a slip of the tongue? Who knows. What we do know is that from yesterday, David Cameron has just announced his own longest resignation note in political history. The knives are already out. Rather than just cutting a few organic tomatoes, he has cut his own political career.

*There is only one known fact in all of this:-
David Cameron wants to stop being Prime Minister in five years.
We can stop him being Prime Minister in 50 days.

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