Amin, The Falklands, Russia, the EDL and Tory Hypocrisy

by Ray_North on March 24, 2015

Unknown-3Hold on a cotton pickin’ moment.

I’ve just been listening to Michael Fallon, Minister of State for Defence, on the wireless – Mr Fallon, has been telling me (and indeed the other millions) that apparently, the Russians are ‘thinking about negotiating a deal with the Argentinians to sell them bomber aircraft.’
Note two words in the above sentence – ‘thinking’ and ‘negotiating’ – he went to confirm that nothing had actually been confirmed.

But, continued the Minister, this means that Argentina are still a threat to the Falklands and as such ‘I shall be going to the Commons to….’ well, I write this before he went to the Commons to declare whatever he was going to declare, but, I can guess that he was going to the Commons to make a fuss and sound a bit hard.

So, unconfirmed reports that Russia are thinking about negotiating the sale of bombers to Argentina, equals green light for a Tory Minister to remind the country a few weeks before a general election just how tough the Tories are on the Argies.

Please. Is anyone buying this cobblers? Because surely to goodness, anyone with half a brain (and I include Mr Fallon in that group) knows that the chances of Argentina sending bombers to help the invasion of the Falkands is as likely as a Diego Maradona come back in time for the next World Cup.

And, consider this. Yesterday, Tory candidate for Dudley, the profoundly odd Afzal Amin, resigned because he had allegedly hatched a plot with the English Defence League, in which the EDL would organize a march which would probably annoy a large section of the good community of Dudley – at which point Captain Amin would come bounding to the rescue by making a fuss and sounding a bit hard, and lo-and-behold the march would disintegrate before our eyes and Amin would be duly elected as the MP.

As plans go, Mr Amin, gets full marks for deviousness and, well, to be fair, he scores quite high on ingenuity as well (perhaps a career awaits as a Bond villain) – but, thankfully, he’s been rumbled by the twin forces of nature – the Daily Mail and Tommy Robinson.

And, once the cat was out of the bag, the Tories, duly hung Amin out to dry – ‘sorry old chap, but we can’t have that sort of thing potentially damaging David’s second term.’

Now, then, as I said at the start, hold on a moment – it appears to be perfectly in order for Michael Fallon to be allowed to politically posture about the Argentinians (who are no threat whatsoever to us), by dreaming up a rather fanciful scenario of them teaming up with Russia to bomb us, whilst, Amin is duly sacked for doing pretty much the same thing with an EDL march through Dudley.

Does the Tory hypocrisy know no bounds?

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Geoff Elliott March 25, 2015 at 12:06 pm

In a single word, no. Just look at the bleating about how the UK will be held to ransom by the Scots after May 7th if the SNP either support Labour or vote against the Tories. Your good friend Charlie E-W will recognise the huge irony in this as a country complains that it gets ruled by a party it never votes for, and in this case, even more pointedly, can’t vote for.


Mike Killingworth March 26, 2015 at 10:07 am

This is all about the subtext. It’s the Tory Right (and Murdoch’s Minions) pointing out that Cammo is no Iron Lady. You see, they are still in agony over not having won a majority in a GE since 1992. And 13 of those years straight they were in opposition – something that had never happened since the creation of modern political parties in the mid-19th century.


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