Week 8: Prat – Victoria Ayling

by George_East on February 22, 2015

UKIP_PratThis Week’s Prat of the Week Award goes to UKIP parliamentary for Great Grimsby, Victoria Ayling

Surprisingly the first 7 weeks of this year did not see a single UKIP politician awarded with our prestigious prat award.   For a little while there it really did seem that we had reached and passed peak-UKIP. That after immigrants on the M4 being blamed for Nigel Farage’s late arrival for a fundraiser in Wales and UKIP’s candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth’s claim that a ‘gay donkey tried to rape’ his horse’, the rest of the party had given up, knowing they just couldn’t compete.

Given this, fair play to Victoria Ayling in the winnable seat of Great Grimsby for showing that UKIP can still prat it up like no other party.   In a debate with the constituency’s Green Party candidate, Vicky Dunn, Ms Ayling suggested that green energy sources were just a pointless fad.

‘What’,  opined Ms Ayling in response, ‘happens when renewable energy runs out?’.

A bit like Owen Paterson and his goal post moving badgers, this statement is almost poetic in its idiocy, one of those Nigel Tufnell-like statements that requires you to stand back and admire its prattish genius. Go on stand back and read it again. Wonderful, isn’t it? The clue is, after all in the adjective. Renewable.

And let’s be fair to Ms Ayling, one day the sun will run out and the Earth will no doubt be consumed in some sort of super nova, bringing to an end wind, tides and everything else. Having said that when it does happen, whether or not to build more wind farms is probably going to be the least of our problems.

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