Week 6: Prat – The Conservative Party

by Ray_North on February 9, 2015

prat_icon… and in particular it’s the Conservative Party General Election Strategists who’ve caught our eye this last week to take the much coveted prize of Prat.

It turns out the Tories are spending £100,000 per month on Facebook, in fact to be more precise, they are spending over half a million pounds between now and the general election in an attempt to get people to ‘like’ David Cameron’s Facebook Page.

For the love of god, has it really come to this: half a million quid, not in an attempt to engage with the masses, not in an attempt to proffer real ideas and arguments before an increasingly informed electorate, not even in an attempt to win your bloody vote – no, the money will go in persuading Facebook users to ‘like’ David Cameron’s page.

I don’t know how many people who read our blog are Facebook users, I stopped a few months ago – now if you are keen on seeing pictures of girls you used to go to school with out on the piss; or people’s babies; or, if you want to hunt down an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend for a bit of cyber flirting about what could have been back in the School disco of 1986 when they played George Michael’s Careless Whisper just before your friend was sick on his shoes. Then Facebook is for you – but as a medium for detailed political debate, I am yet to be convinced, sure, it gives a platform to every casual racist, homophobe or misogynist you ever knew to espouse their pernicious views about current affairs – but is that really enough? Does the electorate want more? Should we expect more?

Of course, the SNP used Facebook to great effect during the Independence Debate, but, what the Tories, in their prattish way don’t understand is that the SNP used Facebook and Twitter, for next to nothing, because the people who were spreading the message about Scottish Independence were genuinely enthused about what they were talking about, they wanted to spread their message, they wanted to be directed to various pages, and because of that enthusiasm, the ‘Yes’ campaign spent next to nothing on Facebook.

The Tories are going to spend a huge amount telling the electorate nothing and, I would wager, getting very little in return – Prats.

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John Stone February 10, 2015 at 7:47 am

Isn’t that what the Tories thrive on? That clubby, are you thinking what we’re thinking?, golf club, round table sharing of borderline unacceptable views. Of an arcane golden age when multicultural meant the empire, we were sticking it to Jerry and the poor knew their place down t’factory and were glad of it.


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