How the Establishment took control and broke Britain

by Charlie_East_West on February 24, 2015


Corruption and greed have always existed within our establishment. The rich and powerful protect each other and to hell with everyone else. But, has there ever been a time when almost every single sector within our gilded elite shows unacceptable examples of downright unethical and unprincipled behaviour?

In politics, business and media such dubious forms of behaviour are becoming the new normal. Our trust in the establishment has been completely eroded.

– Cash for access scandal
– Cash for questions
– Cash for peerages
– Lobbygate
– MPs expenses
– Corporate parliamentary cronyism
– Illegal wars
– Tax cuts for the super rich
– Rampant privatisation
– Public sector austerity

– Tax avoidance and evasion
– Financial misselling
– Bankers bonuses
– Political lobbying / cash for parliamentary access

– Advertiser funded control over editorial policy
– Phone hacking

We also have numerous examples of our establishment sailing close to the wind, or indeed becoming the eye of the storm on other scandals such as child sex abuse, police cover-ups, manipulation of government policy for vested interests, corporate contracts within areas affected by UK military interventionalism, politicians receiving corporate directorships, business leaders receiving knighthoods and peerages.

The whole system is rotten to the core. Our establishment is a cabal of overlapping vested interests. The events in the last few days (HSBC, Telegraph, cash for access) have once again highlighted that the British Establishment – the small political-economic-financial-media elite who went to the same public schools and the same universities (usually Eton & Oxbridge) – automatically scratch each other’s backs to get what they want, and close ranks to protect each other when they come under media and public scutiny and pressure.

While MPs drink over 8,000 bottles of taxpayer funded money champagne per year; while the taxpayer pays £77 million to facilitate the unelected chamber of cronyism – the House of Lords; while Malcolm Rifkind claims that it is unreasonable for him to survive on a £67,000 a year MPs salary (despite troughing close to £500,000 in consultancy fees and expenses) – we have a wider broken hinterland in the real society that now sees a family becoming homeless every 11 minutes, and 1 million visits per year to foodbanks.

This is not a cobbled together rant about the politics of envy. It is designed to highlight that this country is completely broken. It has been broken by the establishment who got us into a terrible economic situation that has killed the hopes and aspirations of millions of people across the country – while the establishment continue to self serve and protect their own wealth and interests.

Even the essence of the social contract has been torn up. We should be paying our taxes to see flourishing public services that provide essential daily services. That is the deal. Instead, we now pay our taxes to see our money being used to tear up public services to be sold off to the highest corporate bidder. Quite often, the highest bidder of these services dismantles these services, while avoiding their own taxes. Case study: The NHS and Boots.

We see a constant drip feed negative narrative to demonise and soften up public services and attack so-called benefit scroungers and immigrants. This is a targeted agenda-led misplaced priority. The level of benefit fraud currently stands at around £1.2 billion – a tiny fraction of the level lost in tax avoidance and evasion (£120 billion). If our Government found a will and a way to claw back tax avoidance and evasion, we would have no annual deficit, and we would be able to pay for the public services that are currently being sold off or dismantled under the con-trick auspices of austerity.

Austerity is the perfect example of how the neoliberal trident forces of politics/media/business have colluded to shape an agenda to open up further opportunities towards privatisation. Rather than target those who created the spike in the deficit (the banks and subsequent bailouts), the Government have targeted public services as the source of austerity – which in turn, leads to many services being sold off to the highest bidder. In effect, the public is being short changed for the mistakes of the establishment. This misplaced version of austerity is the biggest hoodwinking economic policy in history.

As our living standards diminish and the poor get poorer – the rich keep on getting richer. Sadly, many of the public appear to be accepting all of this. Anyone who reads the Daily Mail or The Sun run the risk of being fed a large dollop of fear and loathing against the wrong targets. This is exactly what the establishment want. They are quite happy to have a nation of full of ignorance rather than a nation of critical thinkers.

The neoliberal establishment have won. Big business gets what they want. Politicians give business what they want. The media creates the PR to justify what the neoliberals want. We, the taypaying suckers appear to accept this.

The seeds of neoliberal establishment control where sown in the early days of Thatcherism. It has continued through all Tory and Labour Governments since then. The public have been brainwashed into thinking that greed is good, materialism is a necessity and that any economic problems are caused by the lazy, poor, feckless and the immigrant. The neoliberal establishment have fed off this nasty narrative to create organised wickedness to get their own way.

The neoliberal framing of an agenda (and public ignorance) has left Britain in a complete mess. The establishment caused the mess. But, this sorry state of affairs is exactly what the establishment wanted all along.


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Fionauk512 February 25, 2015 at 8:43 pm

Revolution it is then. Hopefully enough people will turn off X Factor to show up. Then again…..


Graham Lowell February 26, 2015 at 11:00 am

Proof-reading slip “The level of benefit fraud currently stands at around £1.2 billion – a tenth of the level lost in tax avoidance and evasion (£120 billion).” That’s one hundredth or one per cent, not one tenth.


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