Week 4: Prat – The Half-Masters

by Jackie_South on January 25, 2015

Halfmast_PratThis week, our regular award for the biggest prats of the last seven days goes to the Whitehall mandarins and others who decided to fly flags at half mast on Friday

It seems as if it was only last week that the world stood aghast in horror at the decision of the Saudi Arabian judiciary to carry out the sentence of giving writer Raif Badawi the first 50 of 1,000 lashes, for the heinous crime of criticising senior religious figures and suggesting that the Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University might have links to Islamicist terrorism (convicted terrorists Nasir al-Fahd and Abdullah el-Faisal are both alumni).

Wait a minute – it was only last week.  Saudi Arabia is ranked by Freedom House among “the worst of the worst” in its annual survey of human rights. Torture is common, every year there are 100 or so executions, sometimes in the form of public beheading followed by crucifixion of the body. Sex slaves aged seven are legal, women are not allowed to drive, witchcraft is a capital offence. Political parties are illegal.

And yet somehow we are being given the line that the recently deceased King Abdullah was a reforming leader. No he wasn’t – he was an unmitigated scumbag.

The idea that government departments and Buckingham Palace are honouring his memory by flying flags from their rooftops is nauseating.

Whether it was on the orders of mandarins, ministers or royals, who ever gave the orders to do so has shown a massive error of judgment on this.

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