Week 3: Prat – Steve Emerson

by Ray_North on January 18, 2015

prat_iconThis week’s Prat is Fox TV ‘terrorism expert’ Steven Emerson

According to this prat Birmingham (that is Birmingham in the Midlands, not Alabama), is a no go area for non-Muslims.

What the….?

I’ve had to look this guy up, I wasn’t sure he was actually real – I mean this man is such a prize prat, such a total tit, how can he possibly masquerade as an expert in terrorism and Islam when he is capable of saying something this stupid.

But, he does exist, replete with dodgy fake tan and some kind of awful dyed middle-aged bloke’s hair. And, according to Wiki, he is actually an award winning investigative journalist – indeed his documentary Jihad in America managed to win something called the George Polk Award for Investigative Reporting in 1994 (I don’t know what that award is, but I’m seeing it’s not a Pulitzer). I did a bit of investigating myself though (I read a bit more of Wiki), and discovered that Stevey Boy has got a bit of form for Prattery, declaring immediately after the Oklahoma Bombing that it was the work of Islamists because, ‘the bombers clearly wanted to kill lots of people.’ What a great mind. He was of course, totally wrong, as the bomber was the rather nasty White Supremacist, Timothy McVeigh.

Clearly, this is a man who should not be allowed near a television studio, or for that matter, a publishing house, because, his ability to investigate fact, is about as useless as mine (just ask the boys on here, facts and academia are not my strongest point) – because anyone with the ability to type ‘Birmingham, England’ on a computer would have been able to discover that far from being some kind of Islamic Caliphate, Birmingham has a Muslim population of less than 22% and that intra-cultural relations in the City are actually pretty good. But, hey, why let the facts stand in the way of good racist rant – because, that is what Steve Emerson is good for, and that is why Fox News have him on the payroll.

We, however, we just think he’s a Prat.

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