Week 3: Hero – Al Murray

by Jackie_South on January 18, 2015

WBeer_heroe are bestowing our Hero of the Week award on comedian Al Murray

At times, we here at All That’s Left depress ourselves stupid about the impending General Election: the horrors of a further five years of Tory misrule weighed against a lacklustre Labour Party that all to often seems to say it will do the same.

So our spirits were lifted greatly this week by comedian Al Murray’s announcement on Wednesday that his alter ego The Pub Landlord will be standing against Nigel Farage in South Thanet, for the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP for short). That announcement stated

“We in the FUKP don’t claim to have all the answers, or, indeed, any of them. But what we do promise is we will save the British pub, fight the Germans (if they’re up for it), and burn down the Houses of Parliament for the insurance.

“The other parties are offering you the Moon on a stick. We can do better than that: a British Moon, on a British stick.”

It is a glorious mick-take of all things UKIP. Policies include “leaving Europe by 2025 and the solar system by 2050“, wrecking the British economy to deter immigration (hang on, isn’t that the Tories’ idea?), replacing the school places postcode lottery with a street raffle and revaluing the pound at £1.10.

Other sparkles of brilliance are stopping immigration by bricking up the Channel Tunnel (“With British bricks, of course – but probably have to get some Poles in to do it. Common sense.”) and making Alex Salmond minister of Norwich, “so he can understand what being ignored by the rest of the country is really like”.

It has clearly caused UKIP confusion. Initially, their response was to laugh it off: Farage tweeted “The more, the merrier” and the party added “At last, serious competition in the constituency”.

But they now have had second thoughts, and now seem to be taking things more seriously. On Friday, Farage was far more disparaging:  “If he turns up in Thanet and does his act as the patriotic pub landlord, people might think he is laughing at them. While his caricature is very funny there are a lot of people who he might actually offend.” 

Yet again UKIP have shown that for all their false bon homie, they cannot bear being made fun of: it is clear to everyone that Murray is not knocking the people of Thanet, he is mocking Farage.

So, for satire that has already hit home and showed Farage up, as well as injecting some much-needed jollity into the General Election, we are making Al Murray our Hero of the Week. Your next pint is on us, sir…

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Chris January 19, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Ok let me be the first to comment on Al Murray,or Alastair James Hay Murray, only son of Lt Colonel Ingram Bernard Hay Murray a great,great,great,great,grandson of John,3rd Duke of Atholl as I like to call him.Murrays little jape is of some amusement,but it is not just Farage he is knocking,Farage is big enough and ugly enough to take what ever comes his way,and some will say he deserves every insult thrown at him.
Murray IS knocking the people of Thanet,he is taking the Mick.
Murray was educated at Bedford Private School,and Saint Edmund Hall Oxford.Al Murray is in remainder to both Scottish and English peerage titles,including the barony of Strange and the Dukedom of Atholl,and you have him as your hero of the week!,who is next weeks hero. the Duke of Westminster!Murray takes the piss out of the working class,his alter ego,the Pub Landlord ,shows,in my opinion his, contempt for people not of his class,the uneducated working class of whom I am one.
Murray must think the people of Thanet are thick,they will vote for Farage because they are too stupid to vote for anyone else,he is, by standing lampooning what he must perceive as the mass ignorance of people who vote UKIP.They vote UKIP not out of ignorance but out of desperation,they should be voting Labour,but Labour have clowns far funnier than The Pub Landlord.And that is not funny, it is just so very sad.


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