Week 2: Prat – Gordon Taylor

by Ray_North on January 11, 2015

prat_iconThis week’s Prat is Gordon Taylor Chairman of the Professional Footballer’s Association

To be fair to Gordon Taylor, he does inherently appear to have something of the Prat about him – but this week, he excelled himself.

The PFA have been supporting Ched Evans – one can understand that, after all, he is a former professional footballer, and this is his union. Gordon Taylor’s support has been unequivocal and, at times, quite vociferous.

Last week, it looked as though Evans was going to land a professional contract to play for Oldham Athletic – now, as I’ve stated before on these pages, on this issue, I do believe in the process of rehabilitation and I do believe that once someone has served their sentence for their crime, they should, as much as possible be allowed back into society. But, as football fan, I also respect the right of those who support a particular club, to be able to express their displeasure, should their club sign a particular player – because, football clubs are not just businesses, they are more than that. As it happens, the supporters of Oldham Athletic were pretty resounding in their opposition to Evans coming to play for them, and the Oldham board of directors jettisoned the potential move.

This prompted Taylor to make the incredibly crass and insensitive comment that Evans’ case was like the Hillsborough case.


How, on, bloody, earth, can that be!

Hillsborough, was the tragic accident, caused by the incompetence of many and covered up by those who wanted to avoid justice and were quite happy to see the blame deflected towards those who were in fact the victims: Evans has been convicted of rape.

Anyone, surely, with half a brain, can see that there is no comparison whatsoever between Evans’ ‘campaign for justice’ and Hillsborough victims campaign for justice.

Taylor, rightly apologised for his comment, but then, tried to justify it, saying that both believed very much in the truth of their case. Well, many convicted criminals believe in the truth of their case (and some rightly), but, Gordon Taylor, the victims of Hillsborough are not convicted criminals, they are the victims of a terrible incident.

Gordon Taylor you are this week’s prat and rightly so.

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Mike Killingworth January 12, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Evans has not served his sentence. He is on licence, and may be sent back to gaol any time his probation officer says.

Alas, Taylor is not the only man involved with football who seems not to want to understand this simple fact.


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