Villain of the Year Award 2014

by George_East on January 4, 2015

It is now time to announce the hotly contested Allthatsleft Villain of the Year Award for 2014. Previous winners are David Cameron (2010), Bashar Assad (2011), Benjamin Netanyahu (2012) and Iain Duncan Smith (2013).

It has been another prime year for villainy not least from this odious government, ever willing to do everything it can to assist the wealthiest and equally dedicated to ensuring that the lives of the weakest in our society are made ever more desperate and miserable.   The sheer extent of the villainy of this year tells its own story, when world beating villains like Chris Grayling (ripping up the rule of law and making justice as inaccessible as possible), Iain Duncan Smith (continuing to do his best impression of a moralising hypocrite found in a Dickens novel), Theresa May (with her petty and self-defeating immigration restrictions) and Grant Shapps/Michael Green (with all the lies that come with being Tory Party Chairman) do not feature in our list.

And in an election year you can be sure that the villainy is going to be ratcheted up to 11 and we’ve probably see nothing yet.

So to the award:

5. Sepp Blatter

FIFA has been turned into a by word of corruption and obfuscation under its septuagenarian President.   Indeed this year saw that organsiation’s reputation reach depths of murkiness that were almost beyond satire

Football’s governing body’s own inquiry into the awarding of the World Cup to richer than God gulf oil state-let, Qatar resulted in a summary report being published which not only vindicated everyone at FIFA and involved in the Qatar bid, but even managed to criticise the English FA for its bid (the coincidence that it was the English FA that had pushed hardest for an enquiry in the first place).

So the 2022 World Cup remains with an absurdly wealthy small desert country with no footballing tradition, where temperatures will be a potentially deadly 40C+ in the summer and where the stadia are being built with slave labour (and the 2018 world cup with Russia, which at least to be fair is a proper footballing country).

Blatter is wholly unrepentant about all of this.   The German FA (who will of course go into the next World Cup as holders and probably favourites) have called for UEFA to pull out of FIFA. It is hard to argue against that position. Blatter is responsible.

4. Nigel Farage

The most talented politician in England by a distance and, Alex Salmond, aside the most impressive politician in the country.   How a privately educated, ex-Tory, hunting and shooting stock broker has managed to get away with his man of the people schtick is something worthy of PhDs (though it has of course been aided by a shockingly bad media which with one or two exceptions has been completely unwillingly to subject Farage to any scrutiny).

Farage’s undoubted talent and populist touch though has been used for wholly negative purposes. His focus on the evils of EU is the flimsiest of cover for a dog whistle racist approach to immigration. One in which it is ‘understandable’ that people are concerned when Romanians move in next door, where it is ‘unsettling’ sitting on a train because of non-English speakers and in which our ‘traditions’ are threatened by the other from outside.

The weakness of our political class has meant that instead of resisting the Farage rhetoric both of the major parties have tried to move on to his territory both in policy and in language (resulting in spectacles as absurd as the Emily Thornberry sacking for tweeting a photograph of a house).   Whatever the result in the May election (and Farage may well find himself as king maker), Farage would have done lasting damage to British society by sowing divisions and perpetuating myths that had previously been confined to the BNP.

3. ISIS 

Meanwhile in Iraq and Syria they are dancing like its 699.   The vacuum in power caused by the corrupt sectarian western backed Shi’ite Maliki government in Baghdad and by the civil war in Syria has seen the emergence of the militant sunni Islamic State under Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIS have set about trying to return the parts of Northern Iraq (centered on Mosul) and bits of eastern Syria under their control to the seventh century, implementing a brutal form of sharia law.   Those who are apostates in their eyes including the ancient yazidi people, the Kurds, shi’ia muslims and more moderate sunnis have been massacred, forced to covert and seen the women from their communities sold as sex slaves.

The few westerners who have had the misfortune to be kidnapped by ISIS have been ritually beheaded, showing that ISIS’s commitment to the 7th century in methods is matched by a 21st century awareness of the power of social media, as the videos of the killings have been posted on youtube.   Those individuals have not been western military but rather journalists and aid workers.

Some on the moronic far left have refused to condemn ISIS outright. Left Unity even debated a motion which said that ISIS had ‘progressive potential) I kid you not.

They are in fact the worst kind of religious reactionary loons and should be condemned without hesitation. Villains of the very worst kind

2. George Osborne

Ah yes our much loathed chancellor.   When we first started this blog there was a general view that George Osborne would dominate the Villain of the Week award, and that expectation has not been far from the truth.

Osborne has proven himself in 2014 not only to be an ideologue, committing the Tories to cutting the state radically and to unfunded tax cuts for the wealthy in his Autumn statement, but also to be the utter cynic that he appears so proud to be.

So the Autumn statement was not only turbo-Thatcherism that if implemented will destroy what is left of public services, it was also designed as a trap for Labour.   Osborne’s tin pot Machiavelli act (seen also with the benefit cap and the bedroom tax) involves untold harm to the weakest in society, yet for Osborne it is just evidence of how clever he is.

He is a despicable man. However, the British people cannot now say that they weren’t warned. If the Tories are returned to office, they will have a mandate to dismantle the state and no one will be able to say they were surprised.

And the winner is….

  1. David Cameron

As Bobby West noted in his nomination of the Prime Minister for this Award, when it comes down to it David Cameron is the cunt who leads this government. None of what it has done and is intending to do if it is re-elected would be happening unless he enthusiastically endorsed it.

So when (as I noted) the truly nasty Grayling, Duncan-Smith and the like are not in the top five list in their own right, all of their works ultimately come down to the support of the Prime Minister.

The worst thing about Cameron is that (unlike many of his colleagues) it is not even clear whether he believes it any of it. As he famously said when still leader of the opposition he wanted to be Prime Minister not because he wanted to achieve anything in particular but because thought he’d be good at it.

Cameron is the emptiest most trivial Prime Minister since Lord Rosebery (who preferred the race course to No 10). His sole object is to retain power, whatever that takes (including as he hinted today a coalition with UKIP).

We have seen over the last 12 months what that means – ever more pandering to UKIP and his UKIPpy back benchers. If Cameron remains Prime Minster after May 2015 the damage to the national interest will be incalculable – pulling out of the EU, the ECHR and god knows whatever international institutions and obligations and retreating into Little Englander prejudice.   The scariest thing of all is that he will probably just about make it too (with Clegg’s Lib Dems once again acting as facilitators).

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