The General Election: 100 days to go…

by Charlie_East_West on January 27, 2015


100 days until the General Election.
100 days of spin, manipulation of facts and yet more spin.

The outcome of the 2015 General Election is anyone’s guess. There are too many permutations. What is likely however, is that no party will get an overall majority and then the horse trading begins.

Could we end up having a terrifying coalition on the right between the Tories and UKIP? Will the power hungry Tory lickspittle Lib Dems rustle up enough MPs to form a coalition with anyone who is willing to let them cling to power? Will the SNP surge continue and Alex Salmond ends up as Deputy Prime Minister? God only knows. All bets are off.

My interest in the General Election is largely because of these unknown outcomes rather than the direction of the ideological discourse currently on offer from our main three political parties. Currently we have the Tories and rather tragically, Labour and the Lib Dems walking dead eyed down the same neoliberal path. Three cheeks of the same backside. Blue Tories, Red Tories and Yellow Tories.

The Tories will always do what Tories do. They will serve the rich rather than the people. They do what it says on the tin. Open the tin up and you will taste some very nasty self entitled free market politics.

The Lib Dems appear to be doing what the Tories tell them to do. Anything to get that free ministerial car and red dispatch box. I expect them to pay a hefty price for this in May.

Labour are currently in the process of destroying the last vestiges of their ideological heritage. Labour has one job to do:- Serve in the best interests of the people. They have failed to do this. In the past three weeks, they have voted with the Tories on £30bn more cuts, £100bn on Trident, and then abstained from the Fracking Moratorium vote yesterday – and this “cannot be arsed to vote” attitude will allow fracking to destroy the environments of many of their North England and Scottish Central Belt heartlands. Christ, Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy was seen playing football in Aberdeen rather than voting against fracking yesterday.

I truly despair of the lazy, neoliberal agenda of the main three parties. For me, the real ideological battleground of the election lies along a slightly different axis than just Labour v Tories. It is a battle between the Tricolour Tories (Tories, Labour and Lib Dems) v The Progressive Alliance (SNP, Green Party, Plaid Cymru).

I have listened to Labour supporter friends of mine stating that a vote for Labour is the only way in which we can kick the Tories out of Government. But, this argument is a morally bankrupt. I want to vote for a party that reflects my own set of political values, rather than just half heartedly vote for a party that doesn’t reflect my beliefs – just because they might be slightly less worse than the Tories.

So, when it comes to placing my humble✖️ on the ballot paper, I will vote for the Green Party. Of course, where I live, the Green Party will not win the seat, but that is not the point. The whole point in voting is to vote for the party that represents the closest set of ideological beliefs to my own.

If I lived in Scotland however, I would vote for the SNP. They have a real opportunity to clear out a lot of the Labour deadwood in Scotland, and I agree with the majority of their policies – which are similar in function and form to the Green Party.

100 days to go. Vote in alignment to your beliefs rather than voting for anything just to get the Tories out. If we all adopt this principle then real change could eventually happen. Recent events in Greece have showed us that people just need a sniff of change to actually make change happen.

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Eddie Kaye January 28, 2015 at 10:52 am

Whatever happens, a new consensus on where the ‘centre ground’ lies needs to emerge. I am slightly fearful of a Labour led government as it will make no difference. The thought of another 5 years of ‘Call Me Dave’ is too much to bear, especially if he is bolstered by the odious Farage. The Nazgul of Neo-Liberalism Orange Book Club have surely had their day, and they will go back into the shadows whence they came. Unfortunately, nobody is filling the role of Frodo and Sam carrying the Ring of Market led Bollocks to the fires of Mount Doom (despite their best efforts, history might find the Greens cast more as Bilbo in the Hobbit at best).

Labour should have taken their kick up the jacksie in 2010 in 2010, not simply kow tow towards the new mainstream. Their mistake, nobody else’s. Only themselves to blame if they are the victims of voter apathy. Win or lose, they need a serious rethink!


Charlie_East_West January 28, 2015 at 11:28 am


The Tories will always deliver upon their nasty neoliberal brand of politics. But, Labour? They have betrayed their voters, supporters and their ideological heritage.

Since New Labour onwards, Labour have developed a neoliberal brand of politics that has included military interventionism, PFI led dismantling of the NHS, banking deregulation, privatisation, free schools and academies (when in Government) and support to fracking, austerity, Trident and tougher immigration policies (when in opposition).

Shame on them. Labour isn’t Labour anymore. They are just another version of the Tories. Anyone who believes in left wing/liberal progressive politics should not vote for them in May.


Eddie Kaye January 28, 2015 at 11:57 am

Mentioning Trident, one Labour MP (name escapes me) has hit back at Russell Brand’s criticism of the Trident renewal by inviting him to meet with the Cumbrian workers who would be out of work if it did not go ahead! Labour are now dressing up their imperial and colonial tendencies under the cloak of protecting jobs!

Big question – will a Labour defeat bring about a rethink on their part – reconnecting with the millions who would vote in droves for a more progressive ticket, or will it see another lame arse excuse for a leadership trying to emulate the Tories more and more? Ten to one on on there being a Labour leader caller Tarquin or Rufus within my life time!


George_East January 28, 2015 at 12:05 pm

A Tristram is a distinct possibility.


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