Ray North’s Crystal Ball: Some Predictions For 2015

by Ray_North on January 1, 2015

Crystal ballWith the hangover now subsided, the turkey eaten and the new years resolutions already broken, I am left considering the new year – what will it bring?

Last year, I predicted further problems in the middle-east (suppose it didn’t take Nostradarmus for that one), a Facebook backlash (sort of) the sacking of David Moyes (definitely right), but I also predicted that Brazil would lose to Uruguay in the World Cup Final, reform of The Smiths and embarrassment for Cameron over the Rebekkah Wade and Andy Coulson trial (which should have been right).

So, let’s look into the clouded North Crystal Ball and take a punt about what the next year will bring….. in no particular order:

1. There will be a weird general election Ok, doesn’t take a genius to predict that one, but, my prediction rests on the word ‘weird’ – and it will be weird because of the presence of UKIP, who will try to force the debate in their own particular direction, which will cause the other parties to be actually forced to say something – what they will say though, will, I predict, annoy and distress the bejesus out of most of us on this site.

2. The new Star Wars film will be disappointing Thankfully I don’t think it will be disappointing in a ‘Phantom Menace’ way, but the hype of the prospect of a Star Wars film with Luke, Chewie, Hans and the rest, will never be matched by the actual quality of the film – but, I also predict that we will all go and see it.

3. The Rugby World Cup will be won by Australia No team has retained the World Cup and I predict that the All Blacks despite their amazing form aren’t about to buck this trend – Australia have won the World Cup in England before, and I can see them improving steadily between now the Autumn and peaking at the right time.

4.The Smiths won’t reform but the Jam will Yes, you can file this in the drawer marked wild stab in the dark if you like, but, I have a feeling that Messrs Buckler, Foxton and Weller will bury the hatchet get together for a couple of gigs.

5. Raheem Sterling will leave Liverpool Annoyingly, just as Liverpool will get over the loss of Suarez, I predict that their young whipper snapper Sterling will up sticks and leave probably for Spain, probably for Real Madrid.

6. Nick Clegg will lose his seat Yep, back to the general election, I think the Portillo moment for 2015 will be Clegg losing to Labour in Sheffield.

7. More trouble in Russia. I can’t see the economy getting any better, any time soon and although Putin is exceptionally strong, if the Russian billionaireocracy starts to lose money in big amounts, then they could turn Vlad – who may well react with an even more aggressive foreign policy.

8. More Scandal involving historic sex offences and the Tory Party. The names will inevitably come out and when they do the Tories may well find themselves looking even grubbier than they usually do.

9. Strange weather. Yes, there will be more weird weather, incredibly hot summer with intermittent massive rainfall or snow in June a tornado off the coast of Cornwall, that kind of thing – and will the political establishment actually do something to address global warming – will they bollox.

10. The Coalition will end…. and be replaced with….. another coalition – with Alex Salmond playing a really really big role in bringing something together.

One final prediction, is that our blog, designed to help you survive the coalition will continue apace to help make sense of the next bunch of numpties who are given the task of running our great nation.

Happy New Year one and all!

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Mike Killingworth January 2, 2015 at 10:15 am

Happy New Year, Ray.

I think Clegg will be OK in Hallam. It’s the posh bit of Sheffield and Labour start a tad less than 20,000 adrift! (And the local Tories will be told to take their £s and themselves elsewhere in God’s Own County.) FWIW I also think that the idiotic Karl McCartney will hold Lincoln (I mention this because it’s my home town) as UKIP hurt Labour there more than they do the Tories.

Overall, I expect a Tory minority government sustained in practice by Scottish and Irish abstentions.


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