Good Riddance to Page 3!

by Ray_North on January 20, 2015

Unknown-3So, Page 3 has gone. No more ‘Stunning Samantha, 21 from Yarmouth, who wants to be a model,’ no more awful puns usually involving some young woman’s ‘assets’.

Page 3 has gone and good riddance to it as well.

I always hated Page 3, as a kid I found it embarrassing, and as I grew up, I found it derogatory and offensive – indeed it grew to epitomize everything I hated about The Sun and Murdoch and his evil pernicious empire which, in my mind was, and indeed still is doing all it can to keep ordinary people ignorant and mute.

To my mind, Page 3 was never about sex or a celebration of the female form, the images always had the erotic allure of a documentary about fish. The girls, though many were very beautiful, were clearly there to be ogled in return for a few quid and the hope of a better job next time – and for that, I feel embarrassed and ashamed.

The feminists have always been absolutely right in their vehement opposition to Page 3 – they have long argued that it is derogatory towards women, diminishing them to nothing more than objects; they have long, and correctly, argued that it is wrong for girls to grow up thinking that their place in society may somehow be determined by their bodies rather than their intelligence, skills and abilities.

But the depiction of topless models on the third page of a national newspaper is not just offensive to women, The Sun is actually even more pernicious than that – Murdoch has spent the last four decades subtly determining the quality and type of news and news analysis that its many millions of readers should be fed. He dresses it up as ‘giving them what they want’ but, what he has actually done is pander to and intensify a class stereotype that is offensively wrong.

‘Working men like tits and football,’ – maybe, but, working man may also be interested in many, many other things, far and away removed from a half naked girl and the travails of United or City. ‘Working men want to be entertained,’ – maybe, but they also want to be informed, in fact it is vital in a democracy that everyone is informed.

I’ve always believed that the worst thing that Murdoch has done is keep a whole generation in the dark, a whole generation blinded by the image of a pretty girl, distracted by a five minute thrill, as he and his ilk get on with the real job of making their money and maintaining their power.

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George_East January 20, 2015 at 3:48 pm

One interesting thing today has been the debate between feminists about the scrapping of Page 3. The majority of comments I have read are (unsurprisingly) very much in favour and see it as a long fought victory. Others though say it is to miss the point – the really offensive thing about The Sun is not Page 3 (for which, after all, a consenting model gets paid) but the long-lens intrusive bikini babe stuff, which is both non-consensual and deeply misogynistic.


Ray_North January 20, 2015 at 9:58 pm

I think they are both symptoms of the same bollox (if you know what I mean)


Fionauk512 January 20, 2015 at 9:43 pm

I agree with everything you have both said. I would add that I always found it deeply disturbing for a ‘newspaper’ to be reporting on rape cases and paedophiles whilst objectifying women on page 3 and frankly crowing and mentioning in their ridiculous blurbs on the models about how close they might be in age to 16. A rotten rag.


Geoff Elliott January 21, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Tip of the iceberg but I hope it is the tipping point full stop. Next up, the disgusting Mail on Line’s obsession with celebrities on the beach and the endless long lens bikini shot stuff which George mentions.

Pity he didn’t decide to shut the paper down while he was at it. Vile rag.


George_East January 22, 2015 at 10:50 am

Looks like, the champagne was opened too quickly this front. Murdoch trolling the entire British media by the looks of things.


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