#977: 2014, C-Duncan, For

by Ray_North on January 7, 2015

I’m at home.

In front of me lies 500 odd pages of bank accounts and various e-mails that will, so I’m told, prove that the person who I am due to prosecute tomorrow is convicted of money laundering – it is the type of case I absolutely dread. I am already thoroughly bored, and I have reached page 6.

I fear it may be a long night.

I am also acutely aware, because George has reminded me on more than one occasion over the last couple of days that it is my turn to post a tune.

So, take this and stuff it up your speakers dear reader. In fact, on reflection that rather aggressive introduction is wholly inappropriate for this song, for this is a song of wonder, it is a song of gentle ethereal beauty, a hymn, a whispered hush into my bored sleeping ear.

C-Duncan, is in fact Christopher Duncan, a young Glaswegian, with an immense talent. I was alerted to him by the Guardian before Christmas, who described this song as the Christmas Number One we would have had, had Simon Cowell ever listened to and understood Fleet Foxes – I think that there’s something in that.

Anyway, don’t suff it up your speakers, instead, toy with it, caress it, then wallow in what is a truly beautiful piece of music.

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