Week 52: Villain – Jon Moulton

by Jackie_South on December 28, 2014

Capitalist_VillainThis week’s Villain of the Week award is given to venture capitalist Jon Moulton for playing an unreformed Scrooge this Christmas

Jon Moulton sounds an absolute charmer: a ‘venture capitalist’ (as his own company’s website suggests, that’s a polite term for asset stripper) who has donated £450,000 to the Tories before deciding that George Osborne was not cutting back the public sector enough and so swapped his allegiance to UKIP.

Naturally, Moulton is actually domiciled in Guernsey, so he doesn’t even pay for those public services he wants to see decimated (if that is the right word – after all the original Roman ‘decimation’ was only the killing off of a tenth of a legion: Osborne’s record has already been a ‘quinimation’ or a ‘quadimation’ to some parts of the public sector). That apparently does not disqualify him from saying of even greater cuts “It’s the moral thing to do and it’s the right thing to do”.

This week, Moulton’s Better Capital firm has sacked the workforce of its subsidiary, delivery company City Link, a company he bought last year for a solitary quid. But they did not choose any old day to make the decision: the decision to make 2,727 employees redundant was announced on Christmas Day. That “announcement” sadly did not include telling the staff in question themselves: they got to hear it from the media first.

You might think that this grim news does not make for a very merry Christmas. True – except perhaps for Moulton himself. He is, after all, the man who once said “Firing people, selling factories and stock. It was great fun.”

The employees are not getting much notice: they stop getting paid on Wednesday. Happy New Year.

Naturally, the Government, including Vince Cable, are wringing their hands saying there is nothing that they can do.

Jon Moulton is clearly a sociopathic scumbag who has just devastated the lives of almost three thousand families this Christmas Day. This malignant tumour of the British economy thoroughly deserves this week’s villain award.

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