Week 52: Prat – John Rees-Evans

by Ray_North on December 28, 2014

prat_iconThis Week’s Prat of the Week is the UKIP Candidate for Cardiff and Penarth John Rees-Evans

They’re making it just too easy for us – in fact if they carry on like this, UKIP candidates will have to be barred from being nominated for the prestigious award of Prat of Week, because no one else is in with a chance.

This week’s Prat is one John Rees-Evans, if you haven’t heard of him, then don’t worry, if you hear from him again, then do worry, because that means he may have managed to get elected to something, which is a terrifying thought. Being a candidate for Farage’s party of misfits, weirdoes, racists and bigots isn’t enough in itself to win an award for being a Prat, you have to go a bit further than that, and Rees-Evans did.

There he was being confronted by a number of protestors in Merthyr Tydfil last week, when he was asked to comment upon a comment made by another Prattish UKIP Member about ‘how some homosexuals prefer sex with animals,’ – Rees-Evans could have said any number of sensible things in response to this, but, instead his response was, ‘oh yes, I’ve witnessed that.’

He then decided to tell the assembled throng that ‘a gay donkey tried to rape his horse.’

What the fuck?

What has that got to do with anything? It’s not even a sensible response to the question.

But clearly sense isn’t something that Rees-Evans has a great deal of – he continued with his anecdote, describing how he his horse had bitten the donkey in defence, and he had then intervened by punching his own horse to save the gay donkey.

Fucking hell. This is a man who wants to represent people in Parliament. This is a man who is a selected candidate for a party that thinks it is best placed to serve our interests.

As I said, hopefully, Mr Rees-Evans will go back to a life inflicting casual cruelty on horses, because I’m afraid that if it is a toss up between him doing that and sitting in Parliament, then the horses have just got to take one for the team.

He is a worthy Prat.

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