Week 51: Prat – Sony Pictures

by George_East on December 21, 2014

This Week’s Prat of the Week Award goes to film studio Sony Pictures for withdrawing The Interview from distribution.

Now if Sony Pictures had decided to pull the forthcoming release of their new comedy The Interview because it was a bag of shit, no one would have been prat_iconhugely surprised. It is after all directed by Seth Rogen (best known for starring in painful comedies of embarrassment like The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up) and sounds pretty bad – two celebrity journalists secure an interview with North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un and are instructed by the CIA to assassinate him.

But no that is not why they pulled it. The reason they pulled it was because Sony has been the subject of mass computer hacking, apparently by North Korea (though I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it turns out to be a  couple of spotty 15 year olds in Milton Keynes), as a result of the plot of the film.   This hacking has led to embarrassment on the part of Sony as internal emails and details of celebrity salaries have been leaked. However, that is all that has occurred. Red faces.

But the hackers have also made threats against cinema chains intending to screen the film.   Those cinema chains reacted by refusing to screen the film (for which they get an honourable mention in this week’s Prat Awards) and 24 hours after the cinema chains announced that they weren’t going to be showing it, Sony pulled it from distribution completely.

It is a rare American film in which the terrorists win. It is an even rarer reality when a mere threat from a hacker results in major American corporations giving in.   The level of cowardice involved is quite breathtaking.   President Obama rightly cautioned against Sony’s overreaction.   That was being kind to them.   The reaction ought to have been to have sought the widest distribution possible in the light of the controversy – if the major chains refused then the film had every chance of becoming a cult hit through indie cinemas and smaller chains despites its desperately unpromising premise.

What Sony really needed was a large dose of Trey Parker and Matt Stone:

For being cowardly prats and prats for missing an obvious business opportunity, Sony are this week’s clear winners.

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Ray_North December 22, 2014 at 9:44 am

Clear winners – but surely a mention for the North Koreans for, if it is true, that they hacked Sony then this has got to be the lamest act of ‘warfare’ since Prince Griffydd of Llanwrst marched his army the wrong way during the battle of Gwynedd of 1154.


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