Sad To See You Leaving 2014: James Alexander Gordon

by George_East on December 29, 2014

Now it’s time for Sports Report…but first the classified results with James Alexander Gordon’.

James Alexander Gordon

2014 saw the passing of an institution;  the death of the radio voice of the football results.  Every Saturday, on Radio 2 when I was growing up, but latterly on Radio 5, James Alexander Gordon would read the classified football results.  It was as much part of the weekend as Match of the Day. 

With a lovely slow clear soft Scots voice (reflecting his Edinburgh roots), JAG, as he was known would read the football results.  In the old days, before the Premiership, this would be a full roster of games in every division, all kicking off at 3 O’Clock, just as it should be.    In my house and I am sure up and down the land his slow clear voice was critically important because of the football pools. My Dad (and my Granddad) would religiously write down every score on the coupons as they read out, in the hope of winning the jackpot from Vernons or Littlewoods.

Since the Murdoch billions have been taken by football, the number of Saturday games kicking off at the traditional time has reduced and reduced, with two televised games on a Saturday, three on a Sunday and one on a Monday.  But  whatever the decline in the romance in football as a result of this (and Ray North will happily give you chapter and verse about the superiority of the sport in the pre-premiership days), James Alexander Gordon remained a small connection to a more innocent and more romantic age of football.

He had a unique ability to convey a result simply by the way he said the team’s name.  You would know whether your team had won or lost or got a high scoring draw. If you listened carefully you could pretty much get the precise result just from the team names (or at least that is what you would tell yourself).

James Alexander Gordon held the gig for an extraordinary 40 years, from 1973 when he was first appointed until 2013 when cancer of the larynx forced his retirement.

There won’t be another like him.

James Alexander Gordon RIP 1936-2014

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Jon Hull December 31, 2014 at 1:00 am

Perfect tribute to a man and an era


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