#970: 2014, St. Vincent, Digital Witness

by Jackie_South on December 23, 2014

OK, guilty as charged – I some how missed the St. Vincent album earlier this year and only took note when it topped both The Guardian’s and NME’s albums of the year rundowns.

But once curiousity got the better of me, I have to say that I love this stuff by Texan Annie Clark. It may not be our usual guitars, but this reminds me of the best of the Eighties electronica that we grew up with. It was a toss up between Digital Witness and Birth in Reverse (with possibly the best opening line of 2014: “Oh what an ordinary day/ Take out the garbage, masturbate”). Digital Witness won out because the video is such a great piece of Eighties’ pastiche: all Laurie Anderson, Devo and throwbacks to Metropolis. It has all the alienation of Gary Numan at his best.

Some might say that this is a bit too knowing, too arch. But to pull it off, it had to be that: sprayed on as heavily as Clark’s hair lacquer. And despite the retro feel, it does say something about the now:

What’s the point of even sleeping?
So I stopped sleeping, yeah I stopped sleeping
Won’t somebody sell me back to me?

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Eddie Kaye December 24, 2014 at 11:30 am

Sorry for the festive hijack…

Merry Christmas to all at All That’s Left.


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