#969: 2014, Jessie J et al, Bang Bang

by Ray_North on December 22, 2014

Joe Cocker died today – obviously, rock god and all that, but, to be honest not my cup of tea; A Little Help From My Friends, is a song that my ears have heard so often that it no longer resonates in any way with me – and besides we already featured it here. As it happens it is also the twelfth anniversary of the death of another Joe – Strummer, who, as regular readers will know enjoys god like status amongst the contributors to these pages – but, it can hardly be said that The Clash are infrequently featured on here.

So, I’ve gone for something as far removed from Cocker and Strummer as you could possibly imagine – it’s Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s disco club stomper. We quite like the odd bit of girlie pop on these pages (NB Kylie, Britney, and that other girl who Jackie posted a couple of years ago, whose name escapes me) – and you can’t get more girlie pop than this.

Normally this type of song would pass me by, but, it’s Christmas and that means I’ve recently ventured out on a couple of Christmas nights out, which has seen me dancing like it’s 1991, and one of the songs I’ve danced to has been this – ok, it’s hardly London Calling, but, it’s my choice for today.

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