Week 46: Villain – FIFA

by George_East on November 16, 2014

villain_icon_v2This week’s Villain of the Week Award goes to football’s governing body, FIFA, for its cynical summary of the report on the Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 world cup bids and its attempts to point the finger at the FA

 Last week saw FIFA publish a radically shortened summary of the report carried out into the Russian and Qatar world cup bids by US lawyer and FIFA appointed chief investigator, Michael Garcia.  His 430 page report was reduced to a mere 42 pages and rinsed so thoroughly that everyone was more or less exonerated FIFA. promptly declared closure on the whole sorry affair.

Garcia himself has described the summary that was published as a ‘materially incomplete and erroneous representation of the facts and conclusions’ of his investigation.  Notable by its absence was any criticism of any kind of Sepp Blatter and the FIFA executive committee.     One criticism did sneak in though, that was of the English FA’s bid for the 2018 world cup – that was a bid (apparently) worthy of censure and further investigation.   The fact that the English FA has been more or less a lone voice in speaking out against Blatter and his cronies is, no doubt, a coincidence.

The refusal to publish the full report and the criticism of the summary by the very author of the report speaks volumes about just how cynical and sleazy football’s governing body has become.   It is an organisation that acts like a supra-national state run by medieval robber barons to whom tribute must be paid and fealty given.

Today the German football association warned that they would be pushing for UEFA to pull out of FIFA unless the full report is published.  We could be witnessing the beginning of the end of a united global game, as the associations with Blatter and his brethren become to much to bear among stakeholders in the game.

FIFA has now shown itself irredeemably unable to clean its own filthy and stinking stables.   Blatter’s reputation among the game at large was amply demonstrated at the Brazil world cup where every appearance of him on the big screen was greeted by resounding boos (to the extent that it was rumoured that FIFA had ordered that the cameras avoided showing him).

Unless something along the lines of the German threat happens, nothing is going to change.  FIFA is an utter disgrace and needs to be dismantled completely before there is any hope of football of having a governing body in which ordinary fans can have any trust.

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