Dismantling the public sector: The Conservative economic con-trick

by Charlie_East_West on November 17, 2014

George Osborne and David Cameron are the most pathetic (but less funny) double act since Waldorf and Statler.

These two wealthy-beyond-belief, born-to-rule idiots think that the public
sector is responsible for the UK budget deficit. So, they have frozen public sector pay and will ravage essential core community based services within the public sector, and yet the bankers as the root cause of the budget deficit remain untouched with low taxation.

Why is all this happening? Because it is what Tories do. A ridiculous ideology based around laissez-faire survival of the fittest. Bankers are entitled to do what the fuck they like however much damage they do to the wider economy, yet the government pin the blame on the public sector and the process ruin the lives of vast numbers of hard working, blameless individuals.

We are told there is a deficit crisis in the UK. We are told that we are
spending beyond our means. We are told that the solution to this deficit crisis is to cut public spending.

The campaign of con-trick vilification against public services is motivated by a Tory-led desire to cut and privatise these vital services. We have a misplaced right wing narrative of a bloated public sector that needs to be extensively trimmed. This is hoodwinking in the extreme. The actual reality is that reducing the public sector provides an opportunity for selling huge components of public services off to the highest bidder. Public sector austerity opens the gates towards rampant privatisation. The dismantling of the NHS highlights this.

The reality is that there does not need to be a single penny taken away from any public service, or a single job lost. Public spending is an investment, not a debt.

The deficit is due to the six year economic slump, which has reduced revenues as less people are in full time work and are therefore spending less. Government expenditure (and the deficit) has increased as more people are without work, part time work, self employed work or zero hours work leading to a zero sum game of diminished tax revenues.

If the government continues to cut more public sector jobs, this will only exacerbate the deficit crisis – more people will be unemployed or on part time contracts and there will be less revenue. 500,000 public sector workers are likely to lose their jobs due to the public sector cuts, many people will therefore, pay less income tax, and will be forced into receiving benefit.

Some fucking growth strategy that is. It is short termism free market ideology at its absolute worst.

We need a new economic strategy based on public investment, job creation, renationalised utilities run privately (like NPower in Germany) and tax justice.

There is an alternative. We have had enough of being governed by neoliberal muppets.

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Fionauk512 November 18, 2014 at 9:04 am

Pretty sickening too, to watch Cameron oozing around the world stage at the G20 summit ramping up the fear factor on the global economy. Blatant electioneering and wanting to exhibit a patina of statesmanship where one clearly doesn’t exist. Vacuous Tory mouthpiece.


Eddie Kaye November 18, 2014 at 9:43 am

It is the lack of any meaningful opposition that worries me. Any potential electoral opposition is being eroded by recruiting those most likely to be affected to the UKIP banner. The message to those people seems to be ‘you are being robbed, and it is all the fault of the Brussels Machine and those nasty immigrants’. Labour is in disarray, although even if it were not, much of the ills that caused the crash (I refer to not properly regulating the banks) happened on their watch. Economically, they are a Thatcher-lite party anyway. The Lib Dems are the political walking dead.

The only real glimmer of hope is the Greens, and with all the best will in the world I don’t think they will make big enough inroads over the next 6 months to make a difference. At worst, we can look forward to 5 more years of Tory cutting with all the bile from the Conservatives, at best 5 more years of Tory cutting with excuses from Labour – all pretty grim!


nino November 18, 2014 at 10:32 am

Labour’s only answer this morning was an announcement that they are about to announce a policy on immigration. Thats what inbreeding does for you.


John Stone November 18, 2014 at 6:09 pm

Great rant! If only the Labour Party would stand up and make this case. I’d rather they went down fighting than appeasing Cameron, Osborne and Paul Dacre.


Mike Killingworth November 18, 2014 at 7:18 pm

Indeed. The tragedy is not that the Tories are Tories but that people don’t want to see through them. The Police don’t even record a quarter of the crime that’s reported to them, the Revenue & Customs ignore tax evaders (according to a House of Commons Commitree) – and that’s just this morning’s news.

I have this feeling that we ain’t seen nothing yet. Anyone for a “Thatcher was a leftie” T-shirt?


Charlie_East_West November 19, 2014 at 2:22 pm

And the biggest myth of them all – “Labour spent all the money”
History should have taught us that deficits tend to rise much much quicker under Tory governments.


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