Week 43: Villain – UKIP

by Jackie_South on October 26, 2014

UKIP_VillainThis week, the United Kingdom Independence Party receive our Villain of the Week award as their mask slips in the European Parliament

For anyone tempted to vote for UKIP in forthcoming elections, a salutary lesson was delivered by their Members of the European Parliament. They proved both that they are markedly less principled than any of the other main parties in the United Kingdom when it comes to money and that they have no problems with working with some of the most unpleasant politicians in Europe. Oh, the irony.

UKIP lead a grouping of oddballs in Europe, called the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group. Up until Thursday 16 October, they had the 25 members from seven countries that they needed to get EU funding – at least £1m a year.

But on that day the Latvian member of EFDD, Iveta Grigule, left. With representatives from only six nations, EFDD stood to lose that mullah. So they did a deal with a Polish MEP, Robert Iwaszkiewicz from their Congress of the New Right party.

Congress of the New Right is led by the vile Janusz Korwin-Mikke. In July he told the European Parliament in English that the minimum wage should be “destroyed” as in the USA it had lost “four million niggers” their jobs. He wants to remove the vote from women. He believes the difference between rape and consensual sex is “very subtle“. He thinks the Paralympics should be banned from TV.

And most chillingly of all for a politician from a country where over two million people were murdered through the Holocaust is his view that Hitler “was probably not aware that Jews were being executed”. He also claims that Jews run a “holocaust industry”.

Iwaszkiewicz is a bit of a charmer too. He has stated that hitting women could “help them come back down to earth“.

In fact, the Congress of the New Right are so obnoxious that the French Front National has refused to do a deal with them. So to get their Euro dosh, UKIP are getting into bed with a party so right wing that even fascists think they are a bit extreme.

So, you could view UKIP as being the least moral prostitutes in history. In any case, they certainly are worthy of our Villain of the Week award.

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nino October 27, 2014 at 10:29 am

Ukip have easily won the premiership title for villainy. Is there any point in running this category week by week? Constantly being the bloke in the pub must be wreaking havoc with his brain cells.


Mike Killingworth October 28, 2014 at 10:10 am

I think what EFDD lost a couple of weeks back was moolah.

A mullah is an Islamic clergyman, for whom, I imagine, maybe wrongly, EFDD have little use.


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