Week 43: Prat – Mike Read

by Ray_North on October 26, 2014

prat_iconThis Week’s Prat is the former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read.

80’s breakfast and daytime Radio 1 – ah the names come flooding back, Dave Lee Travis, Tony Blackburn, Jimmy Saville, Simon Bates, Ooh Gary Davies, Diddy David Hamilton, the names, the jingles, the terrible quiz shows the cheesy mock American accents, the often shite music – Radio 1 has a lot to answer for (and I purposely haven’t mentioned Operation Yew Tree).

Of all of them, Mike Read, was, I always thought one of the less offensive ones – I mean, thus far, there’s been no suggestion of sexual impropriety, no conversion to weird religion, he’s even had the good sense to stay away from celebrity telly – then this week, he came rushing back to our consciousness with the UKIP Calypso, a song so bad, an act of such profound pratishness, that even by the standard of former Radio 1 DJs this is stellar.

First the content – a dreadful load of garbage, going on, as it does about ‘illegal immigrants in every town,’ and attempts to rhyme ‘outer Hendon’ with ‘referendum’ and appears to blame Gordon Brown for just about every ill that has ever befallen our nation.

Then there is the decision to sing the song in a mock-Jamaican accent – what the fuck is that about? Here is a political party that is, come on, let’s face it, fundamentally opposed to immigration and is instinctively suspicious of immigrants and people who do not conform to what it believes are the right ‘type’ to live within our shores, that is putting out a song, sung in a Caribbean accent – it may be possible to argue that it’s not overtly racist, but, it’s impossible not to conclude that it’s anything other than sinister.

Mike Read tried to claim that it was political satire – well, I’ve got news for you Mike, it wasn’t. In fact it was the opposite of satire, because in attempting to deride, it actually took the piss out of itself and managed to draw attention to the ridiculousness of UKIP.

Mike, you’re a prat.

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