#947: 1967, Prince Buster, This Is A Hold Up

by Charlie_East_West on October 27, 2014

Tonight I have a little treat for you. I am going take you way back. Right back to Jamaica in 1967. Right back to the birth of Reggae Ska and the Godfather of Ska music – Prince Buster.

The featured track is called This Is A Hold Up. It has also been previously titled as Texas Hold Up.

This is as authentic as Jamaican Reggae Ska can get – unlike that bloody awful borderline racist Mike Read / UKIP fuelled attempt that received some well deserved criticism on these pages last week.

Anyway, back to authentic Jamaican music – On an island overflowing with exceptional musical talent, perhaps the most influential of the lot was Prince Buster. He remains synonymous with Ska, while being equally important to rocksteady. The Clash were influenced by him, the mainstream boom of 70’s and 80’s Reggae were shaped by him and 2-Tone wouldn’t have existed without him.

I recommend delving into his back catalogue. You will discover a lot of stuff that has been sampled elsewhere.

Have a listen. This is where a lot of our fantastic music was born. This is a lovely track. It makes me feel a lot happier listening to Jamaican musical authencity, than Mike Read’s inauthentic musical attempt last week.

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