#946: 1963, The Kingsmen, Louie Louie

by Jackie_South on October 25, 2014

When George posted a song by Paul Revere and The Raiders last week, he mentioned this brilliant track of garage rock.

Then during week, Eighties DJ/ Smashie and Nicie inspiration Mike Read released his imbecilic/racist “UKIP Calypso“, reminding us about how he propelled Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax to number one in the charts by banning it live on air part way through playing it.

Read’s unpleasant return to national prominence made me think about records banned for obscenity. The most ridiculous (as previously identified by George East) was Link Wray’s Rumble, banned despite the fact it was an instrumental.

Louie Louie‘s ban was almost as ridiculous – Indiana’s governor not only imposed it in his state but also reported the record to the FBI on the grounds that because he couldn’t hear the lyrics properly he assumed that this sailor’s lament for his distant love must be obscene.

So if you have been unfortunate enough to hear UKIP Calypso this week, please feel free to play this to get that truly obscene song out of your head.

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