Not afraid of the Tories? Well you should be!

by Ray_North on September 30, 2014

images-2The Tories are on the march.

Forget the fact that they are still hated by most right thinking people, forget the fact that one of their Ministers has been caught out sending pictures of his knob to an undercover reporter (I have to say I feel a certain tang of sympathy towards Mr Newmark, I mean, men of a certain age are vulnerable to that kind of thing, and politicians of a certain age, even more so, it was as easy a sting as putting a bag of sweets amongst a group of seven year olds and waiting to see who would sneak one), forget the fact that they made a complete mess of the Scottish referendum on independence and that UKIP are clearly stealing some of their votes – the Tories are marching with confidence for two reasons: they know that they can go into the general election with Labour still pretty much derided, Ed Miliband unloved and the Lib-Dems in melt-down; and they know that the economy is showing enough superficial signs of growth that they can send out the message that they have been successful.

And not only are they marching with confidence, they are marching rightwards.

The combined effect of UKIP, and their misguided belief that it is a return to Thatcherism that has brought success, means that the Tory party has given up all semblance of social responsibility and veered rightwards and will continue to do so up to the next general election.

This week they have been unveiling some of their proposals for the next general election – and, quite frankly, they are some of the scariest proposals I have ever seen.

Let’s start with employment rights – the Tories will make it part of their manifesto to change laws concerning industrial action, so that turn out in ballots have to be above some ludicrously high figure – this has nothing to do with democracy in the work place, and everything to do with making it as hard as possible for the working person to withdraw their labour or take any other form of industrial action – even though we have one of the most passive workforces in the world.

Then there are the pledges to leave the European Convention on Human Rights, which, as George East pointed out to me this morning, would leave us alone with Belarus as the only countries in Europe who are not signatories to a declaration of rights that safeguards things, you might think, as sacrosanct as the right to a fair trial and the right to life and the right to privacy and the right to enjoy a freedom of expression. Yep, the Tories don’t want you to have those things.

Then, once they’ve stripped us of our rights and put us in our place at work, they’ll turn to those who have to rely upon state benefits – there are proposals to freeze benefits for two years for those who are unable to obtain work. What? Really? How are these people supposed to live? It’s outrageous.

Especially when in the same speech George Osborne unveiled plans to scrap inheritance tax and outlined his determination to reduce income tax – something, of course, which will benefit the richest disproportionately.

And it doesn’t end there – austerity, which has decimated some communities, will continue pretty much forever – not because it is part of any realistic economic approach (it never was), but because it is an excuse for the Tories to roll back the state and place more and more of civic and social life in private hands.

Add to this the possibility of coming out of Europe, more free-schools, the creeping privatisation of the NHS, a continued diminution in the Criminal Justice System, some bonkers proposals on immigration and a gradual erosion of all policies that are concerned with the environment and there you have it – Cameron’s modern Conservative Party.

Still not scared?

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George_East September 30, 2014 at 12:56 pm

Oh and don’t forget Theresa May’s proposals today to abolish free speech.


nino September 30, 2014 at 1:19 pm

Well it wouldn’t be the first time – promotion of gau rights, Republicans in Northern Ireland and now anybody they unilaterally describe as “radical Muslim”. Blogs critical of the wonderful Tory economic and social future next?


Mike Killingworth September 30, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Well, I certainly intend to poke the Tory activists over at Smithson’s gaff as hard as I can in just that direction.

They are unable to give a coherent account as to why the Labour Party should be legal (even though its rising starts only want £20k to do favours for bookies) and I don’t think they’ll need all that much convincing.


Eddie Kaye September 30, 2014 at 3:02 pm

‘…when the Rebus clan got off the boat from Gdansk, they were just happy to be here. Some of them were so glad they went straight back out there and fought for the place – and some of them never came back.’ – from the ever ready wit of Ian Rankin’s Inspector John Rebus.

How conveniently the right (and whole sections of the left) have forgotten that not everyone who built this country, and pulled its arse out of the fire when needed in war and peacetime could trace their British heretage back to the Doomsday Book and beyond.

How narratives are shifted by these people to re-write history astounds me. A country where a decent society was built by people doing their bit, and having a safety net of healthcare, benefits, education provided should they need it is being irreversibly erroded before our very eyes.

The quality of debate and rhetoric has gone to hell in a hand cart too – all they want to do is stigmatise and shame. Time for a warning speech now Neil Kinnock!


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