Carpe Diem, Scotland

by Charlie_East_West on September 15, 2014


I have written and ranted about Scottish Independence to the point of boring myself. I have now said almost everything that needs to be said on this momentous issue. So, I have decided that this is the last article that I will write on the big vote on Thursday.

I never wanted Scotland to leave the Union. I love Scotland. I love Britain. Most Scots love Britain too. It is a bloody tragedy that this vote is even happening. I wish Britain hadn’t got to this point of no return.

This tragedy has been caused by the wilful and patronising neglect of Westminster against Scotland (and indeed many other parts of the UK) over the past 35 years.

There comes a point when given the democratic opportunity, people will eventually go “fuck it – enough is enough” – due to a grizzly back story featuring Iraq, MPs expenses, Trident, destruction of industrialised communities, rampant privatisation at the expense of core public services, austerity, slavish neoliberal free market protection of big business, boom and bust, widening gap between rich and poor etc – we have got ourselves in a bloody sorry state of divide and rule and a collective loss of hope. So when something like a vote on independence comes down the tracks, it offers people a chance to stick two sharp fingers up at the establishment and say “sod off”.

The vote does my head in. I have always felt both Scottish and British. That is my default mechanism. But, I now cannot see how the fuck we are supposed to all be “Better Together” with a long list of gory stories created by the functions and forms of Westminster. A perfect example of this is the financing of an independent Scotland. Better Together’s “Project Fear” have us believe that Scotland would face a £6billion economic black hole, despite ignoring that UKplc has an economic black hole with over £1trillion debt.

The movement towards Yes is not a pathetically insular anti-English, pro-Braveheart form of shortbread tin nationalism. It is not about Alex Salmond. It is not about the SNP. Instead, this is a movement for change. It is a movement against neoliberal establishment forces.

This movement has been reinforced by the brutal blitzkrieg of fear and loathing thrown on Scotland by the No campaign’s unholy trinity of politicians, media and business. It has ratcheted up the levels of scaremongering, and unfortunately for them, it appears that it has has only served to stiffening Scotland’s resolve towards a Yes vote – as the polls have tightened even further.

The whole thing is a massive step into the unknown. Misinformation is everywhere (on both sides). Are we all supposed to have a crystal ball that tells us if Scotland would be better off alone? How the fuck am I supposed to know what effect Scotland’s leaving would have on the rest of Britain? You can read as many newspapers as you like but even the most enlightened commentators know bugger all about the hard answers here – so many of the arguments we’re hearing are based on vested interests, irrational emotional responses and lazy stereotyping. But, after spending quite a bit of time in Scotland over the past month, I do know one thing. People are sick and tired of feeling patronised and stereotyped. The insinuation that Scotland is “too poor, too wee, too stupid” is part of the move towards the “sod you” principle now involved in this debate.

As much as I will always consider myself Scottish and British (even beyond a Yes vote) – I have come to the conclusion that Scotland needs to step away from the prohibitive forces at work within our Westminster and corporate establishment. The 35 year infantilisation of Scotland can only end by walking away. The shock treatment of a Yes vote on Thursday is the only way. Scotland has the opportunity to create a social, economic, political and cultural framework that reflects its own people. A move towards fairness. A move towards change.

So, it comes back this – We have seen a tragic waste of Britain as we know it. This tragedy has been played out by Westminster over the past 35 years. And now it has to tragically end.

Carpe Diem Scotland. Yes you can. Vote Yes on Thursday.

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George_East September 15, 2014 at 6:44 pm

…or perhaps carpe diem Caledonia.


Dizzy September 15, 2014 at 9:46 pm

Hope over fear

Hopefully scotland can jetison the greed, exploitation and the inequality of Westminster and build a new and better system, I for one are excited at the possibilities and to be part of it!


Fionauk512 September 16, 2014 at 11:25 am

If the vote is yes, there is so much riding on them getting it right. There will be plenty wanting it to fail and probably actively working towards it failing. It’s going to take a determined effort to get the right balance in the division and if the vote is no, I can see Scotland having to pay for its ‘temerity’.

It has to be yes.


John Lett September 16, 2014 at 6:47 pm

My thoughts are in the 35 years of Westminster rule Alex Salmon and his party should have agreed on a currency. This obvious failure left a very large hole for Westminster to jump in. I listened to Scottish businessman Mr Hunter on the Andrew Marr show and he made the same point.


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