#939: 2014, King Creosote, For One Night Only

by Charlie_East_West on September 29, 2014

Scotland has been in the news quite a lot this summer. The Commonwealth Games, The Ryder Cup, and a certain vote that took place on September 18th…

Tonight’s choice of song reflects this flurry of newsworthy activity from North of the Border. It comes from the marvellous King Creosote and the song For One Night Only from his stupendously good 2014 album, From Scotland With Love. This album was composed by King Creosote (aka Kenny Anderson) for From Scotland With Love – a 70-minute poetic visual narrative documentary film created entirely from archive film material. It was commissioned by Creative Scotland and the BBC for the Cultural Festival accompanying the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The film and Anderson’s soundtrack music is hugely evocative. It provides a sharp reminder of Scotland in all of its 1920-1970 industrial heartland glory. It also provides a timely reminder of what has tragically happened to Scotland within these communities since then.

I have just finished reading Songs in the key of Fife. This is a story about a craggy wee place in Fife that has been the centre of a small musical revolution over the past decade or so. The East Neuk of Fife may seem like an unusual place for a musical revolution. However, in amongst the fishing villages, golf courses and rolling fields, a small community of gifted musicians has quietly crept up on the world. From the Beta Band to KT Tunstall, acclaimed singer-songwriter James Yorkston and the reigning Monarch of the Neuk – King Creosote, Songs in the Key of Fife plots the intertwining tales of these Fifers from their schooldays to the present day. The book also showcases why the East Neuk of Fife is responsible for providing us with so many talented musicians.

This is the place where I grew up. The place that I will always consider to be my home. King Creosote’s music feels like I am listening to my home.

King Creosote recently composed (in collaboration with Jon Hopkins) his own love letter to the East Neuk through the stupendous album Diamond Mine in 2011. He has now done the same with his love letter to a forgotten version of Scotland with From Scotland With Love.

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Ray_North September 30, 2014 at 9:57 am

Nice song this.


Charlie_East_West September 30, 2014 at 2:49 pm

Nice song, even nicer album.


Charlie_East_West September 30, 2014 at 3:10 pm
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