#932: 2008, Felice Brothers, Frankie’s Gun

by George_East on September 15, 2014

I’ve been meaning to post this song for a good long while now but for one reason and another haven’t got round to it. The Felice Brothers are an upstate New York folk rock band who channel Bob Dylan and the Band.

There were three brothers Felice in the original line up, but Simone (and that is a bloke, by the way) left a little while ago first to form Bobby West favourites The Duke and The King (who released two great albums) and then went on to release some solo materials. The other brothers, Ian and James continue with the three other members of the band.

This song is from the Simone Felice era, and from their eponymously titled second album. It is a great narrative song and has a singalong quality about it live. You can’t mess with lyrics like this:

I saw a man hit my mom one time, really
I hurt him so damn bad I had to hide in Jersey
Called my mama told her
In the dresser
There’s ten or twenty dollars but there ain’t no lesser
That’s for to take my sister to the picture show

Marvellous stuff.

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