#931: 1981, Au Pairs, Armagh

by Jackie_South on September 15, 2014

With the death of that old villain, Ian Paisley, I thought I should post a song about The Troubles he did so much to propagate. So, a bit of a rustle around the internet to find something appropriate…

There were plenty to choose from. Oliver’s Army? Stiff Little Fingers? U2?

I have to confess that I cannot recall much about Au Pairs, much like the rest of the world (with the probable exception of George East). But this track about women detained in Armagh jail won through – a powerful reminder that it isn’t just the Americans in Guantanamo that turn a blind eye to our self-delusion about how civilised we are and how we would never countenance torture.

The jail was the main women’s prison in the province, standing in the middle of town, and closed in 1986 after blanket protests and years of infamy. Armagh is also where Paisley was born. Given that fact, his preaching against women’ rights and his role in The Troubles, this song seems a fitting tribute to the passing of the old hate-monger.

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