Week 34: Villain – The Islamic State

by Jackie_South on August 25, 2014


This week, our panel has bestowed our Villain of the Week award to the jihadist group The Islamic State

After their advance across northern Iraq was halted last week by a combination of the Peshmerga and US bombing, The Islamic State (the group formally known as ISIS who have declared a caliphate across most of Iraq and Syria) took its barbaric revenge on kidnapped journalist, James Foley. On Tuesday, they videoed his beheading and posted the footage for the world to see.

Foley had only been doing his job, and a job that did no harm to the Islamic State. Having faced their first setback, their immediate response was to try to ratchet up the terror factor by decapitating an innocent man in a stunt designed to re-instill their fear advantage.

This brutal murder has sent shock waves through the world: as I noted in an earlier post, it has diverted the attention of the US, including many of its African Americans, from the events in Missouri. Indeed, it has allegedly even sparked the US government into tentative diplomatic steps with the Assad regime in Syria to address the Islamic State threat.

It is worth recalling that less than a year ago, our own foreign secretary was making the case for the UK to go to war against Assad on the side of what would become the Islamic State. Obama was being pushed in the same direction.

No doubt the twisters and spinners of the Tory government, Orange Bookers and Blairites will try to make a case that the Islamic State has arisen because we took no action, but this is clearly nonsense: ISIS was well on its journey already by the time Parliament voted to reject war. Ed Miliband has proved himself to be on the right side of history on this in ensuring that we, and indeed the rest of the world, did not come to the aid of ISIS last year.

But the Islamic State continues and will be responsible for far more atrocity in the months to come. Thanks to the oil in the area it controls, it is the best-funded terrorist organisation in history. We should all be very afraid of what that means for the world.

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nino August 26, 2014 at 8:08 am

Once again a proxy army is armed and financed against a common enemy (Assad in this case). This proxy army then turns around and bites the hand that fed it. My nominations for both prats and villains is ourselves and our allies – Saudi Arabia from where a lot of IS finance comes. Thank goodness that the Peshmergas were supplied with Kalashnikovs by the “bad guys”


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