Week 34: Prat – David Cameron

by George_East on August 25, 2014

Con_PratThis Week’s Prat of the Week Award goes to Prime Minister David Cameron for yet another absurd holiday photo op while the world goes to hell in a handbag

David Cameron likes a holiday enough to have had two this summer.  But there is one thing that David Cameron likes even more than a holiday and that is a holiday photo opportunity.

His first holiday in the early part of the summer in Portugal was marked by  a ridiculous photograph of David and Samantha Cameron pointing at fish in a fish market.  They had seemingly forgotten that one of their holidays last summer also involved releasing a photograph of them pointing at fish.

If the fish pointing was not absurd enough, his second holiday of the summer, involved him releasing one of his man of action photographs – surfing (well lying on a surf board) on the Cornish coast.   As former Gordon Brown adviser, Damian McBride:

Cameron labours under the impression that he is as popular as David Beckham, and his lifestyle antics are a source of national wonder’.

This would all be bad enough in a quiet news summer, when there wasn’t much more going on  than the usual Fleet Street silly season nonsense. Instead we have a British jihadi murdering an American journalist in northern Iraq, the rise of a well-equipped and oil rich Islamic fundamentalist state and the continuing crisis in Gaza going all happening.

A serious prime minister worthy of the role would have been back at his desk in Downing Street.  There is a good case for parliament to have been recalled (as it was over Syria last summer).  As many commentators from across the political spectrum have asked – has this government even got a policy on Iraq?  Instead David Cameron is releasing photographs of himself poncing about on the beach.

As I’ve said before he is by a distance the most trivial Prime Minister in recent history, possibly since Lord Rosebery (who preferred the pleasures of the race course to governing the country).  An embarrassment and a prat.

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